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Pocket Drive: Use iPhone & iPad As A Wireless External Drive

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Android devices can be hooked up to your PC or Mac as a ‘mass media storage’, just like your external hard disk or USB drive. iOS devices, on the other, require specialized third-party software to make that happen. Pocket Drive allows you to use your iPhone and iPad as a wireless external hard drive for your Mac or PC. Check it out after the title image.

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The reason for why Apple does not officially allow using iPhone and iPad as an external drive is because iOS does not have a user accessible filesystem. The reason for that is manifold, and far beyond the scope of this article, but let’s just say it generally results in a better user experience for the average user.

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For the not so average user such as you and I, this is a bit of a debilitating limitation. What if you are at work, and you need to transfer a file from one PC to another? Sure, you could email it, but it imagines Internet connectivity is spotty, or just imagine you want to transfer it like a USB device.

iOS itself does not have the answer, but Pocket Drive – a newly released app developed by SIS – acts as the external network drive for your Mac or PC or quite literally any device as long as your desktop is connected to the same WiFi as your iPhone or iPad.

You just launch the app on your iPhone or iPad, enter a specific address in Windows Explorer (or see the Shared List in Finder on OS X), voila! You’ll see a Pocket Drive folder where you can transfer files without any issues. This only works when Pocket Drive is actively open on your iOS device, however. The entire process isn’t as invisible as copy-pasting files in any folder on your desktop.

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Pocket Drive also solves the problem of quickly transferring files from desktop to smartphone/tablet, and vice versa. Previously, I would use Dropbox or simply email the file to myself, which is hardly an elegant solution. I tried Push Bullet as well but did not find it as useful.

Pocket Drive is available for free from the iOS App Store, but it only holds up to 512MB of files. For 4GB, you need to pay $1.99. To lift this limit entirely, you need to pay $4.99. The amount of space you can use of course depends on how empty space you actually have in your device.

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