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Pixel Picker: Free Color Picker Works From iOS Share Sheet Menu

free color picker for ios

Pixel Picker is a useful, free color picker app for iOS 8 that works from any app that supports iOS 8 Share Sheet menu for images and photos. Check it out in detail after the title image.

free color picker for ios

When software designers and developers talk about color, they often do it in terms of RGB or HEX values. These are numerical values which represent a particular shade of color. As such, color picker apps – which allow you to find the RGB or HEX value of a certain color – are of great use to both software designers and developers.

There are plenty of color picker apps for iOS 8, but they require you to open up the app first, load the image, then you pan and zoom in to select a certain pixel to get the exact RGB and HEX value for it.

pixel picker color picker from photos app

Pixel Picker does things differently by making use of iOS 8 action extensions. It reverses the workflow: you just invoke the iOS share sheet menu from the stock Photos app on the image of your choice from any album, and tap on Pixel Picker to see the RGB or HEX value.

Technically, that is a similar number of steps, but it is easier because Pixel Picker literally works with any app that supports the iOS 8 Share Sheet for images. You can invoke Pixel Picker from anywhere in iOS – that is something you cannot do with other apps.

pixel picker from app

Pixel Picker is available for the lovely price of free. It does come with ads, but you can only see them in the app itself, not from when you invoke the extension to find color. You can remove ads for a $0.99 in-app purchase.

Pixel Picker has its fair share of limitations compared to the other apps, of course. You cannot quickly copy color values. You cannot save multiple color values to form a color palette to share over iMessage or email. However, this is just version 1.0.2 of Pixel Picker, so we expect the featureset to expand as the app gets more development time!

Download Pixel Picker [App Store]

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