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If you have kids you know that they have a fascination with your Smartphone.  I get that sinking feeling every time I give in to my daughter and hand my expensive toy over to her.  I’ve tried to satisfy her need for a phone with various play phones we’ve bought but they are not much fun and their interest in them fades quickly.  A company named Yip Yap has come to the rescue with the first Bluetooth phone for kids known as “PipSqueak”.

PipSqueak is designed for kids from 3 – 8 years old.  Aside from being the first working wireless  Bluetooth phone that your child can use to make calls to Mommy, Daddy, Grandparents, etc, it provides a lot to keep your child engaged. It does not require any data plan which makes it the only Bluetooth extension phone of its kind designed just for kids. It connects with any Bluetooth capable phone on any wireless network.

“Pipsqueak provides the ability to call, store music and play games. The phone is customizable, with interchangeable charms, photo disks, and sound effects. Parents just need to enable Bluetooth on their smartphones, then they can easily push calls directly to Pipsqueak. Parents can preset an approved call list and kids can download digital content to entertain and educate from the Yip Yap YuniverseTM.”

My daughter loves to change and modify everything she gets her hands on.  Yip Yap understands this tendency of children and made PipSqueak fully customizable.  There are removable front and back cover plates (available in multiple colors), interchangeable Yip-chips (located on the backside of the device), Dangles, sound boards and more. A lot of ways to personalize and customize their Pipsqueak.

If you have kids, this may be the solution to the question, “Daddy can I have your phone?”  The company representatives at CES were kind enough to provide a little more information on PipSqueak in this video.  Check it out.

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