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Piloteer – Free App of the Week


Chosen as Free App of the Week, Piloteer by Fixpoint Productions is literally one of the coolest games I’ve played. It’s filled with new and exciting ways to not only fly but also pull your hair out. It’s a great game for people who want to work on their coordination and on their control. This game is a great time-waster for maybe a pilot or someone who flies drones professionally.

The object of the game is basically to have control over an avatar who is flying a newly invented Jetpack that the company is testing out before mass-producing the item. The game takes you through a series of different challenges and obstacles in order to build your coordination and control. The left tap allows the person to go forward and the right tap allows the person to go back and up. Pressing both together at the same time takes the avatar directly upwards.

Some of the game’s features include different settings, landing places, levels, and modes of the game. The settings include those for The Park, The Lakeshore, and The Pier. These different settings must be unlocked using medals that you receive when you pass a certain level or challenge. After 30 medals, you get to unlock a new setting, therefore unlocking new challenges.  Levels include those of having to fly through rings or landing on different targets. Some require special tricks or a series of steps to be done. There is also a feature (free fly) which allows you to freely fly your Jetpack and practice on your quadruple front flip. Another cool feature about this game is that it automatically records your flight so you can share on your account using Everplay. You can also save a picture of the way that you last landed (or at least attempted to land) to your camera roll or you can share it with your friends as well.

Piloteer is an amazing game and I definitely recommend getting it for free while you can. Even if it isn’t free anymore, still, get it. Piloteer is normally available in the App Store and the Google Play Store for $0.99.

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