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4 Tips For Picking the Best Custom Packaging Company for Grounded Coffee & Coffee Beans

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As a member of today’s thriving coffee industry, the freshness, packaging, and marketing of your grounded coffee or coffee beans are vitally important to you. Custom printed resealable bags are fast becoming the norm for many industry members. When you’re picking the best custom packaging company for your product, here are four tips to consider.

1. Seek Flexible, Resealable Packaging

Flexible packaging comes in a variety of convenient shapes and sizes, ideal for coffee products. From stand-up to lay-flat pouches, flexible packaging is typically lightweight and easy-to-use and can feature the resealable properties you require for your product. Resealable options like press-to-close zippers are especially important for coffee since they keep it fresh and secure from spillage or spoiling. They also let consumers enjoy your product at their leisure at home and in transit. Custom packaging includes high-vapor barrier films that keep air and moisture out as well as puncture- or tear-resistant options.

2. Seek Digital Printing Capabilities

Digital printing lets you create a context for your coffee product. Cutting-edge custom packaging companies can digitally design packaging that features high-quality images, colors and text. Transparent or clouded windows are another creative way for consumers To see and understand your product without reading a word! A well-designed, eye-catching package makes your product stand out amongst the competition. What’s more, digital printing is cost-effective and efficient. Here are some of the advantages to you, the client:

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Short- and medium-run length jobs
  • High-definition images
  • On-the-fly changes

3. Seek Product Tracking and Tracing

When it comes to custom coffee packaging, product tracking and tracing is important to you, your suppliers and consumers. By choosing to print a Quick Response code on your packaging, you can track and trace your product with either a retail scanning device or a cell phone. This creates transparency between you and your consumers and allows you and your suppliers to chart your product’s movement from its source to retailers’ shelves. You can also use your tracking and tracing data to make future decisions about distribution and delivery. The QR code is a staple of modern packaging and takes up minimal space, leaving lots of room for the high-quality images and text that tell your product’s story.

4. Seek an Expert Partner

When you’re entrusting your precious coffee product to a custom packaging company, you want a company that works with you to realize and elevate your vision. Seek a company that not only has expertise and experience in the custom packaging world, especially with coffee or tea products, but also a proven track record of partnering creatively with clients. Leading industry experts make the recommendations and provide the insights that make all the difference to the presentation, transportation, display, and enjoyment of your product.

If custom printed resealable bags appeal to you for your product, start looking for a custom packaging company today. Begin by searching online and make a shortlist of possible matches. You can then reach out to the company representatives, using these four tips to guide your questions about the company and its services.

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