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Photo Stick vs. Flash Drive: What are the Differences

Photo Stick, flash drive

We live in memory. No one wants to destroy or delete any memory with their dearest ones. We store photos, videos, media files on our phone or laptop.  Sometimes it needs to back up those files because our device has limited storage. To back up your files, you need an external device like Photo Stick and Flash Drive.

The confusion of people about a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive comes because of their appearance. Both devices are used to back-up and store data since there is a difference between In this review, I will discuss the difference between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive based on my user experience.

Overview of Photo Stick

Photo Stick is the perfect suit for backup photos and video. This device can work with multiple ports. If you connect a Photo Stick to your laptop or your phone, it will automatically scan your media file. It creates a backup of all those files. When you remove the Photo Stick from the file will be automatically saved into this device. In other ways, Photo Stick locates any duplicate files from your device and erases them. This device is much more popular to free up the space of Mobile or Laptop.

You can use this device on almost all sorts of platforms like android, mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS. It doesn’t require any monthly subscription fees and works without an internet connection. Based on the storage of a Photo Stick, you can back up thousands of files easily. In an 8 GB Photo Stick, you can store almost 3500 averaged-sized videos and photos. It supports file format to transfer or store.

Overview of Flash drive

The Flash Drive is a common device for the tech lover to transfer any kind of file. The portable facility and lightweight of this device is the reason for it’s well known. Flash Drive is known in a different name like Pendrive, Thumb drive, USB. It works with a USB port type B or C. Its needs an OTG cable to deliver the data. The best part of a Flash Drive is storing and transferring any kind of data in it. Like, photos, videos, docs, pdf, spreadsheet, an application file, etc. 

A Flash Drive comes with the facility of removable and rewritable. You can delete any file or insert anything instantly. Sometimes a Flash Drive is used as temporary storage. A Flash Drive comes with different specifications like USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 4.0. You will find different types of data transfer speed in those Flash drives. A Flash Drive has a non-volatile memory with multiple storage capabilities.

What is the difference between a photo stick and a flash drive?

The difference between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive is straightforward. Nerdknowbetter said a Photo Stick is designed for the store and transfers specific media files when Flash Drive has no restriction to store any file. It can store almost all file formats like external storage.

The details difference between Photo Stick vs. Flash Drive is discussed below. Have a glance.


The storage capacity of a Photo Stick is larger than Flash Drive. Because Photo Stick is used for backup Photos or Videos, which is generally a large file. The most popular Photo Stick is 1T (1000GB), 512GB, 256GB. A 64GB Flash Drive can store 30000 photos, videos, and a 128GB Flash Drive can store 60000 photos and videos.

On the reverse, a Flash Drive is used to transfer a small quality of file generally. The most usable Flash Drive starts from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. If you want to use a Flash Drive to backup a large number of files, you need a huge Flash Drive capacity. The small number of Flash Drive capabilities is perfect for transferring pdf, spreadsheet, and docs files.

Applied Device

There is a difference between the applied Device of a Flash Drive and a Photo Stick. A Flash Drive is compatible with a desktop, laptop, or tablet. This device is worked smoothly in all sorts of USB ports. You can use a Flash Drive on a smart TV also. The sad part of a Flash Drive is that you cannot use it on a mobile phone. 

Besides, You can use a Photo Stick on your laptop, desktop, mac, and mobile phone. Though it comes with two types of connection types, it easily supports any kind of device. Sometimes many Photo Stick doesn’t match with a mobile phone for its technical specification. You need to be conscious while purchasing if you want to buy it for mobile use.


The core difference between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive is its functionality. Those two items are used to perform individual work. The functionality is not the same. The Flash Drive is made to support all kinds of files like documents, images, videos, data. On the other hand, a Photo Stick is designed to support media files only.

If you want to backup or transfer a specific media file, then a Photo Stick is for you. It will backup your media file according to a format. But the functionality of a Flash Drive is totally different. It can be used for multi-purpose. You can use it to dispatch and keep any kind of file, including a media file.


The appearance of a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive is almost the same. Those two look alike. The basic difference between Photo Stick and a Flash Drive is in their connection type. You will find a USB port in a Flash Drive to connect it with a computer. However, in a Photo Stick, you will find different connection ports like USB and type B or C. 

Type B and type C are used to connect Photo Stick with a mobile phone like android or iOS. Note that don’t use a Photo Stick on a mobile or a computer simultaneously. It doesn’t support multiple devices. If you do that, it may crash down.

Quality and Durability

There is no significant difference in the quality and durability of a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive. As we said, earlier Photo Stick is not the name of a general device. It’s the name of a Trademark. The quality of Photo Stick is good enough. If you want to know more about Photo Stick’s quality, read the real user’s honest review. 

You can use a Photo Stick for a long time because it has good durability. On the other hand, the durability of a Flash Drive is less than a Photo Stick. If you use a Flash Drive for a long time, it can be slow in performance to transfer data.


There is a considerable difference between Photo Stick and Flash Drive in their price. The Photo Stick is much more expensive than a Flash Drive. You will find a Flash Drive in a few dollars. In contrast, you have to pay a double-digit dollar to buy a Photo Stick. 

Another thing you should remember while purchasing is that different companies charge different dollars to purchase. You will find different companies Flash Drive which have different price ranges. Before a buy, a Photo Stick or a Flash Driver calculate everything which company fulfills your demand both in quality and price.

Final Opinion

The device makes our life easy and simple. Any device has a positive impact on our simple life. Photo Stick and Flash Driver eradicate our thinking of storage capacity. If you use any of those devices for a specific reason, you don’t think about your device’s storage capacity any longer.

Before buying a Photo Stick and a Flash Driver, be specific about their functionality. Knowing the difference between Photo Stick vs. Flash Drive is mandatory for using them perfectly.

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