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The New Pebble 2 SE & 2 + Heart Rate

Pebble 2 SE


The smartwatch industry, although particularly new, is a very competitive industry. With so many brands making their own devices including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, FitBit, and, of course, Pebble. The Original Pebble watch was the basic beginning to this industry. It served as the role model for those that would come after it. With its long battery life, simple interface, compact design, and a wide variety of colors, it was hard to compete against. It soon became one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history. It went on to create the Pebble Steel, Time, and future generations.

Pebble 2 SE & 2 + Heart Rate

Now, comes the second generation of the Original watch, the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate and Pebble 2 SE. The Pebble 2 SE is the basic model of the newer Pebble watch, sporting a redesigned body and the new Timeline OS interface. A smart activity tracker allows you to see your steps taken, calories burned, the distance traveled, and many more things. Developers are taking advantage of these new features. A sleep tracker allows you to see how long and how well you slept, all while getting motivating messages and summaries to keep you going. All data can sync with the Health app on the iPhone for a quicker access. 

A Smarter Pebble

Quick vibrations allow for one to see messages and other notifications. Over 15,000 apps allow Pebble 2 users to game, control other devices, set up fitness goals, see fitness history, and many more things. A microphone allows for voice replies that automatically translate to text. Timeline OS neatly organizes reminders, weather, goals, messages, and other things you need to run your day into an easily-viewable list with awesome animations. With thousands of watch faces on the Pebble app and different band and casing colors to choose from, it’s impossible not to customize your Pebble to your likes. Four simple buttons control the watch and with an outstanding 7-day battery life, it’s nearly impossible not to love the Pebble 2. An E-Paper display allows for you to easily read anything you need, even in bright sunlight. Both are also water-resistant up to an astonishing 30 meters. 

The Pebble 2 + Heart Rate includes a heart rate monitor that enhances health and fitness features and purposes on the watch. The Pebble 2 SE sells for a super low price of $99.99 and the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate sells for only $30 more at $129.99. Both can be found at

The Pebble 2 SE is available now and the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate will ship soon and can be bought now. 

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