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In today’s economic times, it’s no surprise that most of us fall in need of extra cash every now and then. While one always does have the option to approach family and friends, you can’t keep going to them again and again, and even if you did, the situation is embarrassing enough on one instance to have to be repeated again. There are no bank verification payday loans available from some lenders.

The alternative to family and friends is to get a loan but going through a long list of lenders who can satisfy your requirements can be exhausting and dealing with different issues such as interest rates, hidden charges, and credit ratings, one avoids the process altogether.

However, now there is a solution with ‘payday loans near me’, a service brought to you by Personal Money Network. In the UK, My Quick loan offers Christmas loans.


Payday Loans Near Me is a service offered by Personal Money Network which helps customers in availing payday loans or installment loans through a quick and easy application process. Based on your requirements, the service will look through all the direct lenders that Personal Money Network works with to find you a loan that you can actually manage.

The network is so diverse that you end up availing a loan in a relatively short amount of time, even if your credit rating and history aren’t the best. You might even end up getting a loan if you’re a first-time applicant without a credit history, which most lenders tend to run from.

The entire process is much more convenient than going to a storefront lender who you’ll have to spend significant time with while you work out the deal. Then you’ll have to repeat the process with multiple storefront lenders until you find the right deal. With an online service such as this, you would be instantly connected with a long list of lenders which will not only help you find the right deal but also increase the likelihood of your loan application being accepted. 

‘Payday Loans Near Me’ currently operates in more than 15 states which include Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Colorado. With such a widespread network, you are bound to find a payday loan if you live in any of these states.


Even though the likelihood of you getting a loan with this service are quite high, even if you have a bad credit rating, you will still need to go through some form of credit check. Any reputable lender will always run a credit check of some sort to ensure everything is in order.

Furthermore, while the process is easy and fast, some may recommend that a matter as important as loans should not be rushed. Regardless of your approach, make sure you read the fine print before you agree to anything. A loan is still a financial and legally recognized arrangement where you have obligations to fulfill. As such, you should be aware of what you’re getting into.

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