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Pay n Play Casinos in the Nordic Market

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The Finnish and Norwegian markets are a strange place for online casinos to operate. As these markets only have regulated sites that are controlled by the Government, it means that they are essentially monopolies. This has caused players to look for alternative solutions.

Pay n Play Casinos

These casinos are extremely popular, particularly in the Finnish market. The basic premise of these sites is that players can make a deposit and start playing without having to register. This may sound risky, but this is something important that helps keep players safe.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The way that players get started with these sites, is to make a deposit. Whatever method they use, they will then be required as the login details for the player. So, whenever they play at the site, their payment method will carry out the login for them. 

It means that as long as your payment method is compatible with the site, then you can play. 

Keeping Funds Safe

The reason that it helps to keep funds safe for players, is quite simple. Because the payment method is used to log in, this is the only way that a withdrawal can be made. So, when a player wants to make a withdrawal, it can only be done to the same account in which the deposit was made. 

This makes sure that players don’t have to worry about someone else taking their money. The only way the money linked to that account can be withdrawn is by using the same account to carry out the deposit. 

Why are they Popular in Finland?

The main reason that these sites have risen to prominence in Finland, is because of the single-site system it uses. Users feel restricted by this, and they, therefore, look for different ways to play. These sites allow players to do that without storing personal details, which could incriminate them from the Government.

While it might seem strange to deposit money into a site where you don’t have an account, it’s no different from using a standard online casino. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same, it just doesn’t have a time-consuming sign-up process in place. 

This is almost the exact opposite of the Finnish system. The difference in approach is another reason why Finnish players are so enamored with Pay n Play casinos or as the Finns call them “pikacasinot”.

Are they the Future?

This is a difficult question to answer. With the Finnish Government bringing in bank transfer blocks on offshore casinos, this could make them difficult to use. However, there are ways around this, which clever players will choose to exploit. 

Firstly, if you find a site that allows payments to be made using e-wallets, then this could circumvent the blocks. This will allow the sites to still be used, without having to worry about the bank obstacles. 

Secondly, players might move to crypto casinos that are Pay n Play. This will remove any issues with regard to bank blocks. Of course, it will require research beforehand to make sure the site is trustworthy. 

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