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Party Ideas For Those With Limited Time

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Planning parties is hard. There’s a reason people make untold sums of money to do so. There’s the people, the food, the activities, the drinks, etc. That’s why event planners use event rental software to keep track of everything. The pressure of making it perfect can be a bit much. But have no fear! There are ways and means to throw a memorable party in a snap, with all the bells and whistles fancy event planners have up their sleeves.

Party Idea #1: The Classic House Party

Depending on who and how many guests you’re willing to accommodate, the house party is a great way to control the variables and ensure that everyone has an intimate experience. It is a tried and true method that one can refine with a few tips. The most important thing is that you set up rules. Print them out and place them in a picture frame next to the food and drinks. Secondly, hide things of value in a designated room and lock them. Yes, they may be your friends, but as the night progresses, someone is bound to wear your grandmother’s lampshade as a hat. 

If you’re planning to serve food, stick to the frozen section of the grocery store: frozen dumplings, portioned frozen burritos, pizza bagels, and some ice cream are bound to keep people’s taste buds happy. Also, grab some cheese, hummus, and celery to pass around. For drinks, keep it simple. If you’re planning on serving cocktails, limit it to two ingredients and a garnish. Complicated drinks don’t fly well.

At a party, party tents, lighting, and music complete the mood. Small candles in large glass pieces always work. If it falls, the glass will call the attention of guests before any real damage takes over. As far as the music goes, let your guests choose the playlist. They set the tone and they’ll love you for it.

Party Idea #2: A Limo/Party Bus


The famed party bus, made famous by movies and adolescent daydreams, is a viable option for small groups and new friends alike. Put on some nice clothes and make a night out on the town, and the rush that comes with it, the main festivity. It is also surprisingly easy to contact party bus or limo rental spots and efficiently rule out setting, transport, and accommodation within a few minutes. Have your details planned beforehand (who, when, where, and if you’ll be having alcohol) and let the night play itself to the sound of laughter and music–granted you let your guests choose the playlist. In Miami, contact Premier Miami Limo for limo services.

Party Idea #3: The Beach/Lake/Pool


An absolute winner for every age group and any size is to find a body of water and play some music. All it takes is a few text messages and people to agree to bring things. From there, the setting alone can win over even the saltiest of friends. Just be sure to bring lots of towels and mats for the sand. Also, if you have a hand-held vacuum, it will save you so much time in car cleanup. 

There you have it! Three amazingly simple twists to ease your mind while strapped for time. It will ensure that you have a wonderful time without having to spend hours trying to find out how to throw an epic party. Cheers. 

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