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The products and services listed on this page are those that we have either used ourselves in the past or present or have been recommended to us by others. Rather than keep them to ourselves we are making this information available to you. Our comments will give you our perspective but by all means, we encourage you to check them out for yourselves. These are our partners and recommendations.


WP Buffs has been an incredible partner who quite frankly saved Cupertinotimes from a myriad of technical issues that was plaguing our site. We went from a GTMetrix performance score that was so low I’m embarrassed to mention it all the way up to 98% in a matter of a few days. Hiring a freelance developer is very expensive and once the job is done they’re gone. WPBuffs is an affordable subscription-based service and one I feel is essential if you are serious about your website. I highly recommend this team of professional WordPress experts. If your website was built using WordPress and your technical skills are limited, you need to talk to these guys.


Siteground: We found that Siteground has a fast and knowledgeable support staff and reliable service. Read our review of SiteGround.




SwissMadeMarketingSwissMadeMarketing: utilizes the tools developed by SwissMadeMarketing.

SECockpit: Keyword research and analysis.

RankTracker: Track your ranking for specific keywords.

Traffic Analysis: Receive data for the keywords your site is ranking for that google now shows as not provided.

Dupli Checker


Dupli Checker is our go-to platform for checking content for plagiarism.  Don’t be caught with someone else’s content on your website. Check externally created content with Dupli Checker. It’s free.