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Amazing Ways to Keep Impeccable Parental Control Over Your Kids with Technology

Parental Control

Parental Control with Technology

It’s 2018, and the freedom and latitude that children enjoy nowadays are definitely more than ever before. However, as parents, it is expedient of us to keep tabs on our kids in order to ensure that they are not being exposed to content that is inappropriate and offensive for their age. To effectively do that, here are a few tools that can help you out:

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is an app that was specially designed to give your child the freedom to go on the web and make use of its many resources without worrying about viewing any inappropriate content. The app is basically a custom browser, and when installed, it becomes the default browser of your child’s mobile phone. With it, you will be able to manage the apps that your child can or can’t see and make use of while on their mobile device. It also has a web-based console, from which you will be able to manage the settings of your child’s mobile device and perform various other tasks while keeping an eye on viewing activity reports and other users. Email notifications can also be sent directly to you when access to a specific site has been blocked when such a block has been overwritten, or if any other unwanted events occur.

  • Net Nanny will show you the apps that have been installed on the protected mobile device of your child
  • It can help block any inappropriate apps and vet the  new apps that are being installed by your child
  • It offers the filtering of content for various age groups (child, pre-teen, teen)
  • With these filtering categories, you will be able to either completely block, warn or give access to specific content, bot o your child’s mobile phone as well as on the internet
  • You can also use time controls to set specific times when your child will be able to access the Internet.

Net Nanny is supported on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are definitely an awesome way for you to keep tabs on the activities of your child. Basically, you can get a nanny cam, install it, and you’ll be able to have live footage of your child’s activities, regardless of whether you’re at home or not. Nanny cam with audio, crisp video and a few other additional specifications will work perfectly, and you can easily put them in discreet corners of the house so their positioning or functionality can’t be tampered with in any way.

Set Up Parental Controls on Their Phones

Smartphones phones these days have parental control settings as part of their phone configurations, and these settings, when turned on, will be able to help censor the content that your children are exposed to.

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