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Lots Of Panel Discussions At CES 2018

Panel Discussions

CES 2018 Ends But Discussions Continue

CES 2018 was an amazing event with everything from expert panel discussions to very small startups to the mega players in transportation, robotics, AI, smart cities, entertainment and so much more.  The event had a bumpy start with heavy rains on opening day and a blown transformer as a result of the rain. This plunged the North and Central Halls into darkness. But after a couple of hours, the show rebound to become one of the best ever CES events. The date has already been set for next year’s CES.  CES 2019 will be held from January 8th – 11th. Its never too early to make plans for attending this technology show.

As you probably know CES is not open to the public.  You either need to be an exhibitor or a buyer or marketer or member of the press in order to gain admittance.  But one thing CES is really good about is providing a lot of info on the show’s events so you can get insight into what’s happening in various tech sectors without attending the show.

Panel Discussions

CES routinely posts videos of panel discussions and keynotes on various technology topics that include panel discussions from industry experts. They have conveniently made these videos available for all to view in one place.  This influential event brings all of the technology segments into one place. Even if you attended CES 2018, the show is simply too massive to cover in its entirety. If you missed any of these check them out. As these technologies develop further the discussions will continue.

C Space Storyteller: CMO Panel

This video is for marketers and covers their approach to the available technologies and how they fit into their business plans. This collection of global brand executives come together to discuss best practices in data, analytics, and transparency. Learn how these companies are using AI, AR, and VR.

Huawei Keynote

Mr. Chengdong (Richard) Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, shares Huawei’s exploration on future connectivity and strategy in artificial intelligence, IoT, 5G, and new smart devices.

Ford Keynote

Ford Motor Company’s President and CEO Jim Hackett discusses mobility solutions as the world progresses toward smarter cities. We will also hear about Ford’s vision for mobility and design of smart vehicles for a smart world.

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ Keynote

CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and Senior Vice President, CES and Corporate Business Strategy Karen Chupka open CES 2018.

Smart Cities, Smart Nations

Rit Aggarwala, Head of Urban Systems at Sidewalk Labs shares perspective on smart cities and how the company is working with organizations to help drive and implement connected eco-systems and smart city solutions.

Financing Tomorrow’s Smart City Ecosystems

This group of experts discusses the latest innovations and trends in smart city financing and how they are working together to fund these initiatives.

How Technology-based Business Models Drive Market Valuations

Future successful companies will blend physical business models with virtual models to win.

Exploring Smart Buildings and Connected Infrastructure

Senior executives share insights on today’s smart buildings and what the future holds for sustainability, enhanced experiences, and new connections.

A Conversation on Transportation in the U.S.

Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, and Gary Shapiro, president & CEO, Consumer Technology Association, discuss the future of transportation in the U.S.

Exploring Urban Mobility Challenges

This panel of experts discuss the future of mobility in dense urban environments and share perspectives on related issues and making the visions of smart mobility a reality.

Shared and Multimodal Mobility Solutions in Smart Cities

Panelists will discuss creating value through shared, multimodal mobility.

Connected Vehicles in Connected Ecosystems

This panel discusses the challenges, opportunities, and a number of other facets related to connected vehicles.

These are just some of the panel discussions that occurred at CES 2018. These are worth watching if you have any interest in these emerging markets. You can check them out here:

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