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Pandora Essentials: Get Unlimited Skips, Best Audio Quality For Free

pandora essentials iphone

Pandora users have a love-hate relationship with the service. They love it for its excellent music discovery services, but they dislike it for the ads, and the limited songs skips that are offered every day. Pandora Essentials removes quite a few restrictions, and that too for free. Check it out after the image.

pandora essentials iphone

I am a huge fan of Pandora as a means for discovering new music. No other music service comes close to offering as much accuracy and yet sheer variety in finding music based on your current tastes.

Now, Pandora’s basic services are free but come with certain limitations. Limitations including the inability to rewind or repeat songs, limited ‘skips’ to next songs, obtrusive ads, and a total of 320  hours of music/month. We discussed how to get unlimited skips and remove ads in an earlier post. There is now a new way to lift similar limitations with a tweak called Pandora Essentials.

Pandora Essentials is a jailbreak tweak for iOS that includes the following features:

  • Unlimited song skips
  • Best audio quality (192kbps)
  • Allow music playback even when system volume is ‘muted’
  • Enable constant audio buffering in the background
  • Reduced delay between song skips
  • No music stoppage after device is unused for a while (i.e. no audio timeout)

That’s a lot of good features (the lack of ad-blocking is a bit of a disappointment, considering alternative ScrubRadio offers it). Pandora Essentials is a somewhat unethical, in that you are doing things that you are not allowed to do. Pandora is offering music discovery services on basis of strict agreements signed with music labels and artists, so if consumer violate these agreements, it hurts Pandora.

Pandora Essentials is available for free under the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Just jailbreak your device, and search for ‘Pandora Essentials’ in Cydia! There is no app icon added; you can change settings from, well, Settings > Pandora Essentials.

We still recommend paying for the ‘Pandora One’ subscription that costs a reasonable $36/year if you want to remove or at least minimize restrictions. It is a small price to pay for great music all year around!

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