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Page Speed Is Important For SEO: Yes or No?

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When building your personal business website to rank high on Google search results, what comes to your mind? Aesthetics, spectacular SEO-optimized content, and sales-conversion pop-ups, eh?  Are you not forgetting something? How about page speed? Haven’t you read how page speed is important for SEO?

From Moz to other digital marketing gurus, everyone talks up the speed of web pages. But is it a big deal?

Say page speed is indeed crucial to your company dominating the web, why does it matter?

Let’s find the answers to your questions, shall we?

What is Page Speed?

To understand page speed better, let’s view it from two standpoints: the browser and the user.

For your browser, page speed is the time taken to get the first byte/batch of information from a web server. Now, that might vary among browsers. Not just that, the device you use for surfing the internet is also quintessential.

Say you use a desktop; the chances are that your surfing tool will load a bit more contents compared to a mobile phone. The two platforms have different technologies, and that’s why user experience differs.

Talk of the user’s experience, page speed means a different thing.

If you have noticed, some web pages you visit loads incessantly. How do you feel about such experiences?

At that point, do you care that your browser received its first batch of information? What you’d have loved is to get the gist in the minutest timeframe!

In essence, page speed reflects how soon you can access the entire content on a webpage. Also, one of its core components is how quick browsers can download information from web servers.

However, note that page speed is different from site speed. The former is for a singular page, while the latter is an aggregate for your website.

That said, let’s see why speed matters.

Why Page Speed is Important for SEO

First, ask yourself a question: why do you need Search Engine Optimization for your business? You want to spearhead the pack and convert more leads, right?

But in the end, who determines the sales? Your audience does!

As such, regardless of how high up your website rank initially, if your page speed sucks, your SEO game will suffer. Why?

Imagine this:

A customer needs a product; he goes online. Luckily, your page pops first, and he opens it. Unfortunately, the page loads like a snail crawling. In his disgust, he left your page for another website.

Summarily, you lose a prospective customer. Worse: Google will notice the bounce rate and move your page down the pages of its search results.

So you see, page speed matters. So much so that Google included it in her SEO-ranking factors. According to a public statement by Google, a website with a loading time of more than 2seconds will get fewer crawlers.

In essence, irrespective of the relevance of your SEO-optimized content, a slow-loading page rubbishes your SEO game.


Page speed is undoubtedly a crucial factor in SEO. However, it’s just one part of the whole.

Even in your efforts to make your site faster, don’t lose out on meaningful content and beautiful designs.

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