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Organizing Your Cable Clutter

Organizing Cable Clutter, Cable Clutter, Power Strip and Plugs, Organizing Cables, Organizing

This article by  Red Rivera was originally published on November 11, 2019, at It is being republished here with the publisher’s permission through syndication.

Seeing your cables and wires tangling in your otherwise pristine desk can ruin the clean look you’re going for. If you have children in your home, these cables can even become potential tripping or choking hazards. We want to help you avoid the mess, here are quick things you can do to keep your wires tangle-free!

Hide Your Power Strip and Plugs

Seeing all your plugs can be such an eyesore and the first thing you tackle when cleaning up your wires. To hide these plugs, you can opt to make a DIY Shoebox powerstrip where you place your power extension in a box (e.g. old shoebox), and make holes for your wires to go in and out of. 

Use Old Tissue Paper Rolls

The paper tubes you’re left with after finishing a roll of tissue paper make for a great tool in holding your wires and cords together. You can also label each tube depending on what wire it connects to in order to distinguish them better.

Repurpose Old Bread Tags

If you’re a fan of bread, then you must have several bread tags lying around. These small tags can be used to label your wire and cords. 

Hold Unused Cables In Place

Some of your cables aren’t in constant most of the time. Your phone or tablet charger, for instance, may not always be plugged into a device. To keep these wires from cluttering your desk, you can arrange the unused cables in one place. For example, you can stick in on the side of your table when not in use.

These were a few quick tips but it does wonders for clearing your table. Happy cleaning!

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