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Process of Openload Pair for Streaming on Kodi and the Usage of VPN for Netflix

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Streaming on Kodi

Kodi is now far advanced than the other common streaming services like Chromecast or Plex. Kodi is getting upgraded consistently with the support of a huge number of coders in the community from all around the world. It was first released back in 2003 and evolved over time consistently to now become the No.1 name in online content streaming.


For anyone using Kodi app, Openload is the host where all the files are stored. We can consider Openload as a file repository, somewhat like the Dropbox. The users can upload their media files to the website and then share the link to access these. There is no such perfect indexing available to do so, but the users need to know what they are looking for to search and find it.

Openload Pair

Openload comes for free, but as we know, the source of revenue for free publishers is the ads. When you access the Kodi add-ons, it is possible to shield the ads, but not many of them are aware of the fact that Openload is ad-based.

As per the rules of the platform, you need to pair each Openload source to gain access. However, there is a smart hack to bypass it, but as a best practice, you are advised to do openload pair to stream Kodi media.

How to Pair?

It is much easier to do the pairing. The faster you finish the pairing process, the lesser the opportunities for any problems to occur. Let’s explore how:

  • Open your web browser and access the URL
  • You can tick the checkbox to the message “I’m not a robot.”
  • Just scroll down and choose the Pair button. You can spot it at the bottom center.
  • You can next see a confirmation about pairing being successful, and the videos you tried to access with Kodi will start playing automatically.
  • Once on confirming the pairing is completed, close the browser and start enjoying the content.

Free VPNs for Netflix

Even though there are plenty of VPNs out there, many of them may not work well as Netflix blocks the VPNs. On the other hand, there are many VPNs that work with Netflix, but are very slow, resulting in interruptions, buffering, and timing out videos, etc. Here we will discuss some top Netflix VPN free options to choose.


It is a wonderful choice to make in Netflix VPN. With this, the users can access UK Netflix and US Netflix. The provider offers dedicated server hubs for Netflix, which will give full access to unrestricted media from any location. The connection speeds are also fast, and it gives you enough bandwidth for HD streaming.

This is a more security-focused VPN client, which works well with Netflix. It helps in accessing American Netflix too without any interruption. is Romania-based and offers strong encryption and high speeds to the users. It has excellent security and privacy features as double-hop servers, a high-end encryption protocol, and secured proxy extensions for Firefox and other major browsers.

Some other considerations also to make for Netflix secured VPN are Express VPN, PureVPN, Hotspot Shield, Hola VPN, Tunnelbear, IPVanish, Avast Secureline VPN, iVPN, CactusVPN, Ra4w VPN, Celo VPN, etc.

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