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Hosting Guide: Top 5 Web Hosting Platforms That Ensure Maximum Security Protection

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Choosing the right web hosting provider is a foundation for any successful online business. It’s not just small websites, big players such as Amazon have suffered because of poor hosting choices as well. If you are going to start an e-commerce store, you cannot take a risk when it comes to security. You will be dealing with the credit card information and other PI (Personal Information) of lots of consumers.

When it comes to web hosting, you get what you pay for. Consider you are buying Optimum packages. Every offer will attract you but you must pick the one that best suits your needs and budget. It can take ages to choose from the web hosting platforms if you are shopping for the first time. To save yourself the trouble, these are the top 5 options:

1: SiteGround

When you have a mismatched version of encryption protocol, you are leaving your site vulnerable to attacks. SiteGround have ModSecurity installed on their servers that continuously monitors your website and creates a log of suspicious activities. To offer more security to users, HTTPS encryption and SSL certificate comes standard with all plans. The best thing is that this hosting platform does not put a dent in your bank account. Its cheapest plan costs $3.95 per month. 

Other than this, SiteGround offers additional measures for keeping your web page secure. For instance, it keeps the version of PHP updated all the time.

2: Bluehost

If you are using WordPress CMS, there is a good chance you are going to use Bluehost as your web host. It is no doubt great if you want to secure your WordPress experience. Bluehost offers one-click installation for WordPress. It keeps your version of WP upgraded, too. The security patches keep on installing behind the scenes.

The price of their hosting plan starts at $2.95 per month. You get unlimited bandwidth and 50 GB SSD storage. Bluehost offers additional security via 2-factor authentication. It also requires tokens for validating your identity when you are contacting them via phone or live chat support.

3: HostGator

It’s a recommended web hosting platform for an e-commerce website. Usually, e-commerce sites become a common target of online attacks. Why? Because hackers have their eyes on the payment information of users.

At the price of $5.95 per month, you will get a free SSL certificate with your hosting package. It is worth mentioning that the SSL certificate provided by HostGator offers better encryption as compared to other certificates. That means you will enjoy higher website security.

HostGator also offers DDoS protection and your website will be stored at one of the highly secured access data centers. Their hosting plan is reliable and you will get a 99.9 percent uptime rate guaranteed.

4: InMotion Hosting

It’s the type of hosting recommended for those who are looking for a secure and speedy server. InMotion hosting uses advanced server caching, SSD storage and NGINX technology to provide protection. You will get an SSL certificate with every domain registration, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, depending on the plan you choose.

The system administrators at InMotion work around the clock for protecting the servers from external attacks. They also carry out their audits regularly and apply security patches wherever necessary.

All their hosting packages provide you access to their security suite. This suite offers DDoS protection. Automatic backups are included as well. If the data at your website is corrupted as a result of an attack, you can restore it with a single click.

5: Hostinger 

Hostinger is offering one of the most nominal prices for its hosting plans. They are as reasonable as the Optimum Internet Price. Their plan starts at $0.80 a month. This is their introductory price for the first year so don’t just choose this hosting platform because it is the cheapest. After the first year, expect the price per package to rise. Their servers and data centers are located in 7 different regions in the world. They also offer 99.91 percent uptime.

If you choose their single web hosting plan, you will get 10 GB disk space, an email account, MySQL database, and 100 GB of bandwidth. Unlike other hosting providers, if you want to include add-ons and SSL certificate, you will have to pay extra money though. That’s why it is last on your list.


Different types of websites are prone to different types of security risks. Hence, choose a hosting platform that can meet the security needs of your server.

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