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Online Examination System– The Best Medium To Assess Individuals For Various Positions

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Online Examinations

An examination is a necessary process that enables an institution to grade and understand the aptitude and caliber of a candidate on various parameters through different tests. An examination may be conducted in an offline or online mode. In offline mode, a large group of students appear together at a common examination center and take the test under the supervision of one or more invigilators. This traditional method of examination is not that efficient, has several disadvantages, and the major setback to this system is the malpractices being adopted by the candidates.

In an online examination system, an individual can appear for a test created online at his own time, from his device and is monitored remotely by a test proctor. This system has 2 basic requirements- a suitable device and access to the internet. With the development of Internet technology, this system is gaining popularity over the traditional examination system as it is safer, simpler, reduces energy and efforts required. 


METTL is one such technology company that has revolutionized the examination system by offering an online examination and assessment software with proctoring. The online examination tool is slowly replacing the offline mode of examination. This well-engineered assessment module is a boon for the candidates, the faculty, and the institution using it. Institutes can use this platform for conducting their entrance exams, quizzes, daily tests, and various internal examinations, while the businesses can use it to hire employees by assessing their skills and knowledge.

Many Businesses, Training, and educational institutes, and corporate prefer to adopt and invest in such online examination and assessment systems to make their candidate selection and evaluation process better and Efficient. This system allows various businesses to find the best candidates for a specific job, allows the training institutes to well prepare their students for high-stake and competitive exams, and educational institutes to assess and evaluate the students at various stages of a course. Thus, it is a one-stop destination for examination preparation, the examination itself and recruitment.

The examination system has an innovative, well defined, and extremely smooth process. The examination system provides a test for multiple roles. A candidate is required to register for the online test and make an online payment. METTL then creates a test for the candidates from a pre-existing library or as per the requirements of the institution conducting the test. The candidate is then required to access an email sent by METTL on a suitable device after which he is directed to METTL secure browser that closes all the unauthorized programs and prevents screen sharing, thus negating the chances of cheating. Thus, ensuring the authenticity of the examination conducted. Unlike the traditional offline examination system, this system has zero-tolerance for any malpractices.

The test begins only after the identity of the candidate has been verified by the remote proctor sitting on the other end. After the test begins, the candidate can switch between various sections of the test and can chat with the support team to resolve technical glitches.

The proctor monitors the live audio, video and device’s screen of the candidate taking the test using the Web Camera. In an event of suspicious activity, the proctor can end the test or raise a red flag for further investigation, thus making the system highly safe and effective. The proctored environment reduces the chances of leak outs, cheating, and fraud. The audio-video recording is stored for the test duration for better vigilance.

After the test is complete, the test report for all the students is prepared and the result is generated. An elaborate report highlighting the student performance in various sections of the test and a comparative report provides a deeper insight into their performance. This system is helpful for both the institutions and the candidates. The entire automated system reduces human efforts.

The other advantages of METTL computer-based exams are-

  • Helping the institutions to increase their reach via the digital registration process.
  • Saving the institutes from unnecessary hassle of managing physical examination centers.
  • Allowing innovative testing and immediate feedback.
  • Ensuring the authenticity of the test and avoiding malpractices by providing a certified proctored environment.
  • Enabling institutions to conducts exams in multiple languages and across multiple locations and cities.
  • Making the examination process easier for candidates by providing online chat support.
  • Enabling the faculty to strategically plan the curriculum.
  • Reducing the traditional evaluation time taken by the faculty.
  • Eliminating the need to physically travel to the exam centers.
  • Helping to safely store the data with cloud-based solutions.
  • Providing a variety of question types for the test.
  • Evaluating and providing topic and question wise detailed analysis and Comparing the performance and progress of the candidates with their previous benchmarks 
  • Providing cost and time effective examination system.
  • Providing flexibility in terms of devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles, etc. being used by candidates taking the test.
  • Helping to save the paper.
  • Reducing recruitment biases as the tests are automated and authentic.

This assessment platform is revolutionary as it will encourage a larger number of candidates to appear and undertake various examinations by appearing from their city and location and will benefit the institutions by enabling them to reach and better assess a wider pool of candidates. This system is effective at all stages – right from the registration step to the result generation. Earlier the candidates could take only a limited number of tests as the offline system of examination meant spending additional amounts to travel to the examination center and the result generation would take a long time. The answers sheets in an offline examination mode are required to be transported to designated centers, thus increasing the cost. But the online examination system has time and cost-effective process as it eliminates the burden of manual screening with online examination software. With remote proctoring, the problem of hiring invigilators to monitor candidates and the hassle of scheduling and managing an examination and providing tight security to these centers in various locations and cities has been solved.

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