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Omegon Universe2Go on iPhone


Universe2Go is essentially an augmented reality system that can now be used with an iPhone. The goggles are fitted to encase your phone with an angled mirror that transposes labels from the application onto your view of the night sky. Any planet or constellation within view can be observed alongside audio commentary and visual aids. The system also allows you to choose any celestial object in advance and the augmented reality system will guide your vision through the sky towards it. The apparatus compensates for some degree of light pollution as with most populated areas and allows you to find objects that would be otherwise difficult to spot.

The apparatus is compact and simply designed. It features a flap for the housing of your iPhone, an angled mirror setup and open eye holes at the back end. The simplicity of the setup means that it is lightweight and this along with its size means that you can take it just about anywhere. A nifty and simple but informational and entertaining tool. The accompanying application of Universe2Go can be downloaded from the App Store for free and after it is launched you place the iPhone into the slot. All sized phones are compatible up to the 6s barring the plus models as they might be too big.aa

Once you place the iPhone inside the unit the app helps you calibrate your view to the size of your phone screen. You tilt your head to adjust the stereoscopic vision and then simply place a yellow circle over an object until it has been identified by the app. The app labels all that you can see on the horizon. It has data for all 88 constellations along with the planets and galaxies. The augmented data is very well overlapped onto the view through the goggles much like a simple guideline and doesn’t get in your way. If you loiter on an object for a few seconds visual information comes up on the display along with an audio narration which relays scientific and historical information about your point of interest. Overall it could prove to a very fun and educational tool, especially for young children.

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