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Olloclip Launches New Sets of Lenses For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus



Olloclip attachments have consistently enjoyed being the most popular iPhone accessories around. That is especially true when it comes to camera attachments. It is known for taking iPhones and giving them different lenses to work with. Following the release of the iPhone7, Olloclip has received an update in order to accommodate the latest flagship.

With sales underway for next month and pre-ordering already available, the latest Olloclip release entails three lens kits and improved interchangeable lens system. Which makes it possible to quickly switch between lenses on a moment’s notice.

The lens also features improved optics attributed to a “premium multi-element coated glass” which will no doubt have its spotlight stolen by the new lens connection system known as Connect. Connect allows a much easier exchange of lenses. And makes the process more seamless. Furthermore, it gives users time to take better shots than fumble around awkwardly with the lens.

Three Varieties

The lenses now come in three packs. To start with is the $100 Core lens set with a fisheye, a 120-degree wide-angle variant, and the 15x macro lenses. It is suited to most general users and giving a powerful enough flexibility already. Next Is the $80 Macro Pro Lens set which includes a 7X, 15X and 21X lenses. It is for beautiful close-up shots. Finally, Olloclip offers a $120 Active Lens set for the most enthusiastic of users which bring both 2X telephoto lens and a 155-degree ultra wide lens for some gorgeous outdoor shots.

These lenses are available for the iPhone 7 and the dual-lens system of the iPhone 7 Plus. The Macro Lens Set starts at the cheapest from $79.99. The Core Lens Set goes for $99.99 whereas the Active Lens Set is the most expensive at $119.99. However, for the same price of $119.99 one can also go for a Combo set which combines the Core Lens Set with an Ollo case. Avid photographers can pre-order their lens from Olloclip’s website at the time of this article’s writing.

Reviews on Olloclip’s lenses are still on their way but given the company’s track record, they most likely will not be anywhere near a disappointment.

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