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Office Snack Delivery Helps Boost Morale And Culture

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There are two things that you need in an organization, large or small, to flourish, namely morale of the employees and the work culture. Both of these should be high enough to provide better results and a better working environment respectively. Surprising as it may be to you, it is possible to raise both of these by making a small investment that will pay you high returns down the road.

All you have to do is provide your employees with good and healthy food for free in the office. You can do this through your own team of people or hire a professional office snack delivery system for that matter which is mostly preferred by businesses and recommended. There are a few good reasons to do it.

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Take a Clue From the Giants 

Most critics and experts say that an office snack delivery service can boost the morale of the employees and the company culture which is why most businesses today are investing in it. You will find that most reliable office snack delivery service providers have their hands full supplying snacks to different offices when you visit sites such as and others for gathering more information.

Experts also say that when a company follows a vibrant and strong culture it indicates how successful the company is currently and even forecasts its success in the future. Following the 2012 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM, you will come to know some alarming facts. It says:



  • The primary concern for HR of almost all businesses now is to find the best way for retaining and rewarding their best employees
  • A reward is a primary aspect of the strong culture of the company and
  • Employee retention is the result of that culture and how it is created.

Confusing? Well, it is confusing enough for the businesses as well. However, if you are also wondering how to retain your employees, reward them in a better way and prevent the exodus of skills, you can take a cue from the culture handbook of major employers such as Google and Facebook.

You can emulate their style of retaining employers by simply offering healthy snack options onsite to them. Hence investing in an office snack delivery service is crucial these days.

If you want more assurance before you seriously consider investing in such a service, you can go through the article by Lucas Donat on BBC. In this article, it is discussed about a 1995 study in which several doctors were incentivized so that they could solve a challenge.

  • It is said that during the study half of the doctors taking part in it were promised a candy when they finished!
  • Surprisingly, these doctors came out with an effective solution to the problem twice as fast in comparison to those doctors who were not promised of any such incentives.

However, the study further points out that this difference in the outcome is not simply because of the candy itself but it is due to the fact that they knew that they will have a treat and that made them happier and encouraged to work better.

You may say that this study is old and a very childish approach which is true to some extent but this is the story that is as old as time. People tend to work more and better when they are incentivized.

Nevertheless, nothing is possible if these three things are found lacking:

All three will fall into place if and only if you have an effective and healthy office snack delivery service onsite. It will make life easier for you as the business owner, the HR manager, the office manager as well as the employees, which is primarily important.

Get started

If you want to have happier, satisfied, healthy and more productive employees then get started by making your first order to one of these; office snack delivery services.

This will help your organization in ways more than one such as:

  • Reducing the stress
  • Increasing the enjoyment
  • Improving the working environment
  • Raising the level of productivity and
  • Reducing absenteeism with reduced illness. 

You will get more time to focus on other important aspects of your business with an efficient service provider taking charge of delivering healthy snacks to your employees.

In addition to that, you will notice a significant change in employee behavior with more chats in the break room about their shared interest. They will even talk about your good intention as an employer caring for their good health and wellness while sampling the new foods on the kitchen racks.

Include the right items

To ensure that your investment in an office snack delivery system is high yielding you must make sure that you include the right type of food items in the racks. Here are just a few healthy items that you should include in your order to get the desired results, if not more.

  • Salted caramel latte bars are the best items to include in your order list if you want to provide your employees with a pick-me-up kind of food. These vegan bars have enough caffeine from a cold brew coffee.
  • Look for the Asian-style teriyaki jerky that will provide enough protein. This is a tasty and filling snack option that is free from nitrates as well as features fresh flavors such as pineapple, ginger, and green tea extract.
  • Organic dried fruit such as mango will prove a good food for thought as these are loaded with different nutrients that will make your staff work more and increase productivity at any time of the day.
  • You may anticipate exceptional customer service, among other things, when you order eggs benedict gluten free or any other meal from Bake Haus Cafe’s breakfast and lunch menu.

You may also add chocolate brownie bars that are rich in fiber and have dark chocolate that is good for the heart and therefore it is good to add these in the racks and see it disappear from there in no time.

Surprised? Well, you should be.

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