OfferUp Local Shopping Or Trading Made Easy


OfferUpOfferUp Local Shopping Or Trading

Online shopping has been the next big thing for internet users for some time. From same day shipping to shipping by drone (something that has been made possible thanks to Amazon). The internet has made shopping easier for basically anyone with an address and an electronic device with internet browsing. Perhaps even more popular is the use of local, online trading and shopping options.

OfferUp has tried to compete against its biggest rival LetGo, a company that has attempted to get users to join with funny TV commercials and YouTube advertisements. OfferUp allows one to sell or trade items locally. One can choose the area that they would like to shop in. It can range from 5 miles to searching the whole city. Something that might be a bit complicated for those in large cities like Los Angeles or New York City.

OfferUp allows users to search local listings by category. These categories range from cell phones, computers, photography equipment, and jewelry to appliances, clothing, beauty accessories, instruments, tickets, wedding dresses, and even boats!

OfferUpPosting Your Goods

To make a post, one must create an OfferUp account. One that can be created using an email address or just simply syncing a Facebook profile to automatically create an account. Now to make a post, all one needs is a couple of pictures of the item. Next a description, and an asking price. It is noteworthy to remember that this asking price is, of course, possibly, not going to be the amount that a seller will receive for a product. Customers are given the opportunity to offer a certain amount of money for the product. Sellers also have the ability to remove that functionality for the customer and ask for a firm price. Perhaps the most important feature of the selling app is that customers and sellers are allowed to message directly through the app to share location and product information privately.


OfferUp has been a great help for me and my family financially. It is also a great way of making a few extra bucks. Why not sell things you don’t really need or want. I highly recommend this app. It can be downloaded on Android using the Google Play Store. You can also download it for iPhone, iPad, or iPod using the App Store. Just remember to stay safe and always meet in public.


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