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Octa, Versatile Tablet Mounting


Here is a repost of a piece we did from CES 2016. Octa has what I saw to be the most versatile and durable solution for mounting and managing your handhelds, smartphones, and tablets.  I’m curious to see what’s new with Octa this year.

Mounting solutions are plentiful but versatile solutions are not so numerous.  While at CES I discovered Octa, a company that apparently understands that tablet users don’t always sit at their desk or sit on the sofa or lie in bed while consuming online content.

This understanding is reflected in Octa’s product line. Flexible solutions that allow one to attach a tablet to just about anything, anywhere, at any angle.  Durable, flexible, versatile are all part of the Octa lexicon.

The Spider impressed me because, unlike many other solutions, this claw will securely grip everything from a small Kindle to an iPad Pro.  This range means you no longer have to buy multiple solutions for your different devices. 

The second part of the system is a flexible tail.  This is where versatility is apparent.  The Whale Tail is Octa’s first product introduced at CES three years ago. It’s short and completely adjustable so you can use it as a hand grip or as an easel on a flat surface that easily allows one to change its angle.

The Monkey Tail is very versatile and can be configured to work in just about any situation.  Made with flexible steel and covered with silicon the Monkey tail can be coiled or stretched or wrapped around to suit your needs.


Next is the Lynx kit which consists of three components, the Spider, a short tail and a clamp.  Once assembled your tablet can be secured to a desk or table top, or anything with a thickness of 2.25”.


Nate a representative from Octa demoed their tablet tail line for me and was kind enough to allow me to record his demo so check this video out.  By the time it was over I walked away wanting components for hands-free viewing while playing drums or noodling on the piano or while at my desk or lying in bed. All of which can be done quickly and easily with components from Octa. 

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