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No iPad Air 3?

ipad Air 3

We have already heard about a bigger iPad Pro and a sleeker, more impressive iPad mini which are to be unveiled this fall but rumours have it that we won’t see Apple’s flagship 9.7-inch tablet anytime soon, yes that means no iPad Air 3.

A news report by the controversial Taiwanese technology trade website ‘Digitimes’ which is frequently questioned about its credibility says that Apple is not preparing a third-generation iPad Air for this fall. As expected many Apple fans were taken aback by this revelation as it further cemented the claims of a similar report which surfaced the Internet earlier this year claiming that such a tablet would not be released until 2016.

In the past iPad Air has been in the limelight for quite some time, as it used to be updated once (or twice like in 2012) annually since its debut back in early 2010. So a genuine question arose; why no iPad Air 3?

Top technology analysts believe that Apple’s iPad team seems to be planning on taking a step back from the Air line of iPads and focus their attention on the shrunken version, iPad mini which only received a small update in the previous year. Some also believe that this point can also be applied to the upcoming exciting prospect of the iPad Pro which is expected to be launched soon. A fraction of people blame this on the growing popularity of smartphones which have large screens, also known as phablets, over 5 inches such as Apples own iPhone 6 Plus which is big enough to fulfil many of the same needs as a tablet. However, a credible blog ‘Mac Otakara’ which is operated from Japan reported back in July that an A9- based iPad Air 3 is still possible for 2015.

There is still uncertainty regarding the release of the iPad Air 3 but yes, it appears that Apple is planning to introduce a new iPad at its upcoming event on the 9th of September 2015. The new iPad will share the stage with new iPhones and Apple TV.

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