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Nintendo 64 Emulator N64iOS Announced For iPhone & iPad

nintendo 64 emulator n64ios first image announced

A group of developers have announced a Nintendo 64 emulator for iPhone and iPad. N64iOS will be available without jailbreak through iEmulators, and with jailbreak from Cydia. Details after the title image!

nintendo 64 emulator n64ios first image announced

We have previously covered three emulators for iPhone and iPad. There’s NDS4iOS, a Nintendo DS emulator; GBA4iOS 2.1, GameBoy Advance emulator; and Provenence, SNES, SEGA Genesis + Game Gear emulator. The latter two can be downloaded without requiring jailbreak.

Now, as our smartphones are getting more powerful, they can emulate game consoles or later eras. As per my knowledge, the Nintendo 64 did not have a proper emulator on the iPhone or the iPad. N64iOS will be the first dedicated Nintendo 64 emulator. (RetroArch was / is a multi-emulator, a la Provenance)

There’s a good reason for the lack of Nintendo 64 emulators on iOS. The iPhone has too small a display for acting as the controller or the main screen. The iPad has too large a screen for comfortable controls.

The ideal environment for a Nintendo 64 emulator on iOS would have the iPad as the main device and screen, while a Bluetooth-based controller would handle game input. The imprecise touch-screen of the iPhone just does not cut it for complex 3D games. You need tactile feedback, and you can only get that from a separate controller.

The developers behind N64iOS have clearly stated that they will support MFi controllers. Additionally, N64iOS will come with customizable touchscreen control layouts for people who do not have a MFi controller.

Other than this and the screenshot embedded above, we do not know much about N64iOS’s features. According to the developers, it is in ‘early beta’ at the moment. When the time is right, they will release it both on Cydia for jailbroken devices, and through iEmulators to download N64iOS without jailbreak.

Stay tuned!

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