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Next: The Best Music Playback Widget For iOS


When listening to music, we usually are not only listening to music we multitask. You might be listening to music while you are cleaning around your house, driving or having food. But you might also listen to music while texting, browsing the internet or playing a game. This becomes tricky when everything you are doing is on the same device. Smartphones and tablets should play music and let us effortlessly manage music playback while we use them for other purposes. ‘Next’ is a widget that simplifies this experience for iOS users.

Next iOS Music Widget

Switching between apps, and stopping what you were doing takes away from the multitasking and hampers productivity. Next takes care of that and smooths the transition. You can be doing a number of things like texting, reading, or gaming on your device and it will take one touch to bring up all your favorite music. Next essentially takes away the need for using a music app when multitasking. It really is better just to have a widget instead and you can access it anywhere with a slide from the tap to reveal the Notification Center.

Using Next you can view songs in lists grouped by artist, album or playlist. This organization helps when selecting music. You can also use Next to access songs from your iCloud so can have all your music in one place. Next features a repeat button, shuffle button and control buttons and you can use these to control your music without opening another app.

If you access the Next widget while your music is playing it automatically scrolls to the now playing track, artist or album in the list giving you immediate control of the song. You also have the option to use a prefix to jump to any song, artist or album. On top of all this, the widget has been beautifully designed!

Next has been optimized to work with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus you can get Next music widget for iOS for free iTunes App Store [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]. Tell us what you thought of the widget in the comments below.

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