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Just How Big Is The Next Big Thing In Tech?

Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

The next big thing is not something that one can easily identify beforehand. There is a lot of speculation about new products, product categories, and trends but the proof is always in the sales. It is staggering to think about the technological advances we have witnessed in recent years. It seems like the last five years have brought more advances in technology than the last hundred years.  Ultra High Definition TVs, wearables, self-driving cars, drones, handheld devices, smart home tech, medical tech. The list really goes on and on.

CES 2018

This topic seems fitting with CES in full swing this week. Thousands of tech vendors, developers, and industry insiders have gathered in Las Vegas this week to find out more about the latest developments in consumer electronics. At such events, we often hear the term “the next big thing”, mentioned regarding one category of tech or another. Yet some don’t deliver on their hype. 

The CTA (Consumer Technology Association), the organization behind CES projects the big winner will be 4K UHD TVs. 4K TV sales in the United States are expected to reach $15.9 billion this year alone.

Our friends at Statista provided the following Infographic that illustrates what appear to be the winning categories. The players in all of these categories are sure to be showing the latest models and features at CES 2018. In this article, we are stepping back and taking a broad view rather than honing in on specific products and features.

The chart shows other big winners with significant growth like smart speakers and smart home devices. It also shows that VR and consumer drones have not quite delivered on their promise and have been slow to make a really big impression on consumers that translates into multi-billion dollar sales.  Other emerging tech categories seem to lag far behind, at least for the time being.

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