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Will The Next Apple Phone Receive A Name Change?

Apple Phone

Back in April 2017, we published the following article that raised the possibility that Apple will be naming iPhone 8 something other than iPhone 8.  The golden master of iOS 11 was leaked last night and it implies that the top of the line New iPhone may be named, drumroll, please…….iPhone X.

There is also speculation that the expected iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will be passed over and actually be known as, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. This appears to be more than mere speculation since the leak came from Apple.  Kudos to Brian for calling this way back in April.

Will The Next Apple Phone Receive A Name Change?

Originally published on Cupertinotimes on April 25th, 2017

iPhone 8

The new Apple Phone, iPhone 8 has become one of the most anticipated pieces of technology in modern history. Its release will mark the smartphone’s 10th anniversary since its announcement back in June of 2007. It seems like yesterday when the late Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, proudly presented the iPhone. Who knew it would become perhaps one of the most important technological advancements in history.


Many hope that in celebration of this huge milestone Apple will attempt to revamp both the design and the software functionality of the iPhone. They expect this year’s iPhone to be the best one yet considering Apple’s decision to keep a similar design for the past 3 years. Rumors speculate that the new iPhone will follow the path set by the Samsung Galaxy S8, released in April of 2017, of larger screens and less bezel. This brings complications for Apple as they would have to embed a fingerprint sensor, camera, light sensor, and other components to work in or under the screen itself. Perhaps the most astonishing feature about the new iPhone will not be the hardware or software. Perhaps it could be a name change.

Apple Phone

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has decided to change the way that the company is moving. It has grown with a more “corporate” culture rather than the more liberal and “creative” one set by Steve. With this change comes name changes such as the refusal of placing an “i” in its products. A great example would be the Apple Watch or Apple Pay. Many speculate that the next iPhone could simply be called the “Apple Phone”. While it sounds weird to say, this could be the beginning of something better and set the date for the end of the “i” era.

Alpha Numeric

Other potential iPhone names include the iPhone X or 10. This would jump Apple straight into the number 10, skipping the usual 7S, 8, 8S, 9, and 9S pattern that was expected to continue. Others say that this pattern will actually continue into the 7S but a third, high-end edition of the new iPhone will be named the iPhone Edition, much like how the high-end version of the Apple Watch was named the Apple Watch Edition.

Wait and See

Whether Apple decides to keep the existing numbering pattern or drop the iPhone name altogether. Or refer to its flagship product as Apple Phone we will have to wait until this fall. Apple is expected to release their new phone this September but recent complications may shift the date to sometime in October or November.

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