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News From Apple And What To Expect Later This Year?

News From Apple

News From Apple

As a  leading brand, News from Apple is alway high on our list. Apple has been at the forefront of innovation and technology for many years. In the past month, Apple has made various developments in its product line as well as its services and partner initiatives. This raises the question, how is this year shaping up and what can we expect from Apple this year?

New iPad

We saw the release of the new iPad last month without much fanfare.  This leaves the question, when will we see the new iPad Pro.  We are certainly hoping it will be sooner rather than later. We will just have to wait and see.

iOS 10.3

A major upgrade to the renown iOS for iPhone and iPad with a brand new file system, APFS. This new file system is suitable for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. In addition, APFS is optimized for today’s devices.  Strong encryption is a major benefit of this file system. It will be coming to macOS soon.


Starting with Clips, the new entry in Apple’s App Store. This new app is available free of cost. Clips is an easy video editor for picture perfect videos on iPhone and iPad. The app has a fun way of editing video clips of friends and family and then sharing them through the various social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Clips is an extremely simple app to use. A user-friendly interface that allows you to add captions, titles, text balloons, symbols, effects, and music to your video clips easily.

Responsibility Progress Report

More news from Apple includes the release of its 11th annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report. It highlights the company’s efforts to create an atmosphere of respect and dignity throughout its supply chain. Human Rights, Health and Safety, and the Environment are the focus of this report. Apple has taken steps to regulate a strict environment with improved working conditions that promote health and safety while protecting the planet. The report also claims that in 2016, Apple was able to increase the scores in each category over the previous year while auditing 705 suppliers as well as increasing Energy Efficiency. All this resulted in a gross total reduction of 150,000 metric tons of carbon emissions.

New Apple Stores

Apple also opened new stores in Nanjing, Cologne, and Miami, bringing its products to these beautiful cities. These stores employ over 350 staff members to deal with thousands of customers daily, since their grand openings. Apple has taken care to make its stores look like a work of art that has the power to draw people in. Each store fits in with the local architecture and special care is given in presentation of these extraordinary structures. These stores also feature boardrooms, an excellent workspace for business partners that include entrepreneurs, developers. Customers benefit from the Apple experience, devices and Apple culture with staff eager to assist.

The Red iPhone

Apple has recently announced the release a Special Red Edition for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This new edition has been made available thanks to a partnership with (PRODUCT)RED.   The new Red iPhone is available for purchase. Purchases of the Red Special Edition iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will be contributing to the global fund to Fight AIDS.  The product has a gleaming aluminum finish that is tinted red. The finish is unique and mesmerizing. This also spotlights Apple’s partnership with (PRODUCT)RED .  A partnership that has lasted over the past ten years.

Other Products

Other products we expect to see this year are a new (all in one) iMac, the third generation Apple Watch,  and iPhone 8 to be followed by a new MacPro and MacPro Monitor in 2018. 

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