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New Trends of Big Data Migration

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It is only two months away until we are expecting the new year of 2021. So, it is prevalent to discuss the next trends of big data migration from the end of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.

ERBIS is a top-notch software development company that has been updated to the latest trends of the big data migration. So, when you need help to conduct the big data migration on your company premises, you just need to contact ERBIS company and let the professionals handle the hard work for you.

The newest trends as followed by ERBIS company revolve around cloud optimization, Augmented analytics, continuous intelligence, and many other disciplines that are closely tied to the big data topic and discussion.

With the commencing of the new premises in the niche, they can bring such advanced improvements of the way the software developer like ERBIS to work on the big data and tackle all of the underlying challenges in every project.

We are going to discuss the possible trends which happen and already happen in the big data verse and how ERBIS software company takes the position of it. There are many things that could change the direction of the big data development and improvement. But we will only focus on some significant trends below.

The Analysis of the Big Data through Augmented Analytics

As we know, big data has such strong ties to data analysis. In this case, ERBIS emphasizes the importance of the result of the analysis which can be used for the companies to grow and expand. Big data is often raw. So, the end-users are not able to decrypt the message unless the analytics help them to do it.

The augmented analytics, as noted by ERBIS, can go beyond expectations. The way it works is more advanced and complex than the basic analysis. So, here is how it goes. The augmented analytics will combine the machine learning algorithms and NLP  or natural language processing with the conventional analysis of the big data. This marvelous combination will procure the better results in comprehending the data and interact with it as closer to the human thoughts. The key of augmented analytics lies in machine learning algorithms. These can quickly recommend various in-depth insights that can save a lot of time and effort spent in the operation.

ERBIS professionals confirmed that augmented analytics can exponentially increase the speed of data analytics. When they apply the appropriate method, it can boost the data analysis process by 80%. imagine how much time, effort, manpower, and other resources you can save if you apply this for your company.

Cloud System Optimization

ERBIS also notes that cloud computing and cloud systems will always be more advanced from year to year. There is always something new that we can see and enjoy when the new year comes. Cloud systems have been prevalent for many enterprises (regardless of their scales)  because these systems offer effectiveness, efficiency, as well as convenience from front to end.

If you have ever been into the on-premises solution, you know what stakes you need to deal with. You need more energy, space, and resources to make sure that your on-premise infrastructure is up and running. But with the cloud systems, this hardship is eliminated.

Now many folks have been gearing towards cold storage. Cold storage has been slated as the best chance in the cloud system history. The early versions of cold storage can save up to 50% of the storage costs. ERBIS professionals also stated that it is only the beginning. The percentage can be increasing as time goes by.

Faster cloud computing solution

When it comes to faster cloud computing solutions, ERBIS would talk about Edge Computing. Edge computing focuses on bringing data storage closer to the access site. the closer the distance, the better. As a result, it will speed up the response time and connectivity. In the long run, it will also help the companies to save more time and energy in the process.

Cloud computing from ERBIS has been significant to edge computing technology as well. The reduced latency is the main benefit of edge computing. If a quick response is what you strive for, edge computing is definitely for you.

The automated process perks from DataOps

DataOps has actually been revolving around for at least five years. But the peak of the trends, according to ERBIS, is in the most recent time. DataOps or Data Operations’ main objective is to reduce the cycle time of analysis. It is an automated process method which is used in the big data analytics category.

The automated data testing method can help ones to save their time and resources significantly and strive for a higher quality of data analytics results. No matter how many data flow steps that you need to take, DataOps can handle it for you. Since this technology is still new, there are still some rooms for improvement.

It is indeed a technology that is worth trying to implement.


CDO is the abbreviation of Chief Data Officers. Although it is not a new thing, it has been prevalent for many companies  in Europe. That’s why ERBIS has been embracing this technology for years now. But the peak of the trend has been just recently significant. Chief Data Officers always come together with Chief Protection Officers. Chief Data Officers describe the professionals who have the responsibility of managing the company’s information through data analysis, data processing, data mining, and many other big data activities. A significant increase in CDO demands can be seen in many small to mid-sized enterprises in Europe. There will probably come the time to employ the CDO or CPO in your company because it has such significant effects on the overall big data analytics.

Single point data management platform

When we are reaching industry 4.0, we know that seamless collaboration and activities are pivotal. The single point data management platform as suggested by ERBIS has come to replace the multiple disintegrated solutions. If you want your company to grow and expand faster, there is no need to use solutions from different sources. Rather, it will be much better to get the single point data management platform particularly made for your company.

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