New To Apple Music? Check Out Guided Tour Videos

new to Apple Music

Since we see a lot of new Apple users I thought we would repost a topic that was of special interest last year when Apple music was launched.  If you are new to Apple Music you should review a series of ‘Guided Tour Videos’. The tech company has updated its Apple Music website and added these ‘Guided Tour Videos’ when Apple Music was launched so that they can help people acclimatize to this new service.  New users may not be aware of this resource so we’re mentioning it again now.

“These Guided Tour Videos will show you how to discover new music, hear recommendations from experts, create playlists, connect with artists, and listen to all the music you love on all your devices. Watch now.”

This series of ‘Guided Tour Videos’ comprises of total seven different tutorials which will help users to get the most of this service as they cover a vast range of topics.

The first of the seven videos is dedicated to guide users through using the new ‘For You’ section of Apple Music. As the name indicates, this new section focuses on personalized recommendations. In this section, Apple Music editors handpick playlists and albums based on the music the user like.

The second video helps users explore week’s latest, newest and freshest tracks, videos and playlists which are, of course, selected by Apple Music editors.

The third video of the seven ‘Guided Tour Videos’ is about using Beats 1 Radio whereas the fourth elaborates Apple Music Connect. Apple Music Connect is Apple’s very own social networking feature which assists users to ‘connect’ to their favorite artists. The last three video titles are ‘My Music’, ‘Apple Music Playlists’ and ‘My Playlists’. ‘My Music’ covers how to add songs from the Apple Music library to yours and also how to browse, sort and search. ‘Apple Music Playlists’ helps the user discover perfect mix from playlists curated by industry tastemakers and Apple Music editors. Whereas ‘My Playlists’ is one of the basics which helps the user understand how to create, name, add cover art to your own personal playlists and share them with your friends.

It is nice to see Apple helping their users adjust themselves to the new service with the help of these ‘Guided Tour Videos’. These seven ‘Guided Tour Videos can be viewed directly on Apple Music’s website.

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