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New Snapchat Update

Snapchat update

Snapchat has set the mobile application world a fire ever since it was released almost four years ago. It has changed from a messaging application to an application that shows live videos but one thing has remained the same, your mobile data consumption rates. If you’ve ever run out of Wi-Fi range you can attest to the fact that using this app on mobile data means very high phone bills. However it seems that all this is about to change soon as Snapchat released an update Monday that will fix it.

The app is now equipped with an all new “Travel Mode”, Snapchat users can switch this mode on to stop automatic downloading of videos when you are not in the range of a Wi-Fi connection.

This will apply to everything ; from videos on ‘My Stories’ as well as those on ‘discover’. It also applies to ‘Live Stories’ and any posts from your friends as well. Additionally when you open the “Stories” page the videos will not auto upload. You will have to physically tap videos to upload them.

Use the following steps to enable the Travel Mode

  1. Open the app
  2. On home screen of the app tap on the ‘Ghost’ which is located on the top middle of the home page
  3. Then tap ‘Gear’ on the upper right
  4. Then select ‘Additional Services’ and select ‘Manage’
  5. After this turn on the ‘Travel Mode’ and voila!

No more exorbitant mobile data usage. There is also a separate tab for adding emoticons to your photos. So you no longer have to limit your emojis to the number of characters that you can use in your photo text.

You can find these emojis on the left-hand side of a giant ‘T’ on taking a picture or recording a video.

You can also adjust the size of these emojis. Now you can also see the number of people who have seen you ‘My Story’ feed, which is a 24 hour feed of  photographs and videos. This can be done by tapping on the eye icon. (before this update you would have had to see your personal story in order to view the names of those who have seen your ‘My Story’)

This follows fast on the heels of a previous Snapchat update that was released almost a month ago. Though this update is not quite as exciting as the previous one we do like new ‘Travel Mode’.

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