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New Opportunities for iOS Applications with 3D Touch Technology

3D Touch


With the introduction of 3D Touch, mobile technology has changed altogether. New ways are now being introduced with more comprehensive and attractive features. New functions have been implemented and they are enough for someone to fall in love with new technology. iOS 9 has introduced 3D touch and this has changed the outlook of the iPhone. It has become more appealing, attractive, easy to use and above all no other phone is like it.


With the introduction of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, Apple has introduced a new form of interaction with the iPhone. For the first time, iPhone senses the amount of pressure you apply on the screen. Besides the traditional iPhone multi-touch gestures like pinch, swipe and tap, 3D touch actions have also brought a new dimension to app functionality. This new functionality allows you to interact even when you are in an app. It allows you to peek and pop to have a quick look at your messages and emails without directing away from the current app.

Recently, Apple introduced the latest version of iOS on September 9th, 2015. IOS 9 is launched for iPhone 6s and 6s plus. This new version has come up with variety of new features, the most important of which is the use of 3D touch. This new feature has given a new dimension to the iPhone.

Reinvention of cut and copy with keyboard trackpad

3D touch has also changed the ways of inputting on the iPhones. This new feature enable you to turn your keyboard into a track pad while typing something. It allows you to move the pointer around by just swiping a thumb or a finger over the keyboard. A hard press helps you to select text. To see the cut, paste or formatting options; you can tap your selection and enjoy the new version of text.

Bringing photos to life

3D touch enables you to bring your favorite memories to life by activating live photos and wallpapers on your iPhone 6s and 6s plus. The software has a default function that allows your device to take live photos whenever you take a snap. However, this default function can also be disabled depending upon the wish of the user. You can also use this feature to play back all the live photos that you captured while browsing your photo library.

Peeking and Popping into your content

Peeking and popping is also an important feature that added value to this brand. This helps you to save a lot of time. Imagine you are going through your inbox to find an email. You remember the name of the person who sent the mail but you forgot the subject of the mail and you have received several mails from the same person. With the help of peek option you can preview all of your mail by just simply tapping on them. You don’t need to tap each time and then tap another option to get back to your inbox. It makes sure that you don’t have to exit from your inbox each time. And once you find the mail you just need to press it harder and then it pops open and you can easily read it. Swiping up allows you to go to options like reply and forward. While using the peek option you can also swipe right and left in order to mark your mail as read or unread and it also allows you to delete your emails.

This new software in iPhone 6s and 6s plus came with many apple’s native apps that now support 3D touch. These apps include Mail, Messages, Safari and many others that now can be used in a different manner.

3D touch display

3D touch has three levels of pressure sensitivity as compared to the two level sensitivity of Mac. The use of this technology is described as the tap, press, and a deeper press. This 3D touch can help in monitoring directions, shortcuts and many other features. It helps to make quick actions, for example, a hard press on the Camera icon will help the user take a good selfie instantly. This technology is also not affected by screen protectors as it is well tested before it was launched.

History of Apple’s multi-touch technologies

Apple has come up with different types of touch technologies to date. The first touch technology came in 2007. The three touch technologies that are introduced by Apple are:

  1. Multi-touch

Multi-touch gave us different ways to interact with our phones like tapping, stretching and swiping. Multi-touch was originally introduced by Apple in the iPhone and has become the de facto method of interaction with our touch screens.

  1. Force-touch

This technology was introduced by Apple on their watches. It senses the pressure and responds accordingly. Specific actions are performed on the watch based on the amount of pressure exerted. The example of this will be the clearing of all the notifications from the Apple Watch with a single press.

  1. 3D touch

3D touch is the latest technology that is introduced by Apple. It is considered as the next generation of multi-touch. It has introduced a variety of innovative features that increased the value of iPhones. Peek and pop is one of those great features. It is also recognized as the new or the better version of Force-touch. Still, there are some significant differences in the workings of both technologies.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has also changed with the induction of 3D touch. Different types of apps now work using this technology. The latest version of Twitter and WhatsApp are prime examples of new mobile app development. These apps work on the principle of 3D touch and give us a variety of new facilities and shortcuts. Many more apps are also in consideration that will work with 3D touch technology.

Example of Popular Apps using 3D Touch Technology

3D touch technology is now being used by many popular apps. Some of them are listed below:


WhatsApp is one of those examples. WhatsApp also uses 3D touch and uses the feature of Peek and Pop. It allows you to use other tabs without leaving the one you are currently using.


iWork apps are also based on the 3D touch technology as they give us the luxury of a split view, picture in picture and slide-over, for the iPad Pro and other gadgets. It also allows us to jump from home screen to a new document without wasting any time. There are also a number of improvements that include keyboard shortcuts and options to see a shared document.

Tweet bot

The latest version of tweet bot has also been introduced in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and it now supports the 3D Touch functionality. This allows you to select from a number of quick actions like reply to a tweet or reply to a latest photo when you press the app’s icon. The Peek and Pop option can also be used as a long press, which activates the peak option to show the information and even a longer press opens the media or other tweets.

3D touch is certainly the most valuable invention of the current time. It gives a new look to mobile applications. It has changed the way we use our smartphones and the features that it introduced are certainly the killer ones. It has brought new life to the iPhone. This has not only helped Apple users but also encouraged other mobile device users to switch to it.


As a whole 3D touch is a great invention in this modern era and it has given a new look to the iPhone. The features in this technology are not only making the apps more interesting to use but also help to save a lot of time. Many other mobile manufacturers are trying to introduce 3D technology as well due to its popularity and appreciation among smartphone users. More and more people are shifting towards iOS 9 thanks to this great new technology.

This article was written by Anna Garland
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