A New Bigger Kobo eReader, 7.8 Inches

Kobo eReader

A New Kobo eReader

In a world significantly reigned by Amazon, which offers the Kindle Voyage (starting at somewhere around $30 less), Kobo is coming up with something new for the e-reading market, after it has already served it using the Aura HD, 6.8 inches, released in 2013.

This time, they are pretty clear however regarding who they want to serve, because the price tag that comes with the Aura One gives a distinct message. $230 is something, that would be paid for such a device, only by a pure e-reader.

If we talk a little about the specs of the previous e-readers, all that was offered time and again was a display close to 6 inches, that looked similar to a page of any book, replicating the feeling of reading through a book instead of a hand-held device.

The new bigger (7.8 inches) display would help people who are not much into turning pages every two minutes, and those who are also into PDFs. Who doesn’t remember losing their actual line during the battle of scrolling and zooming in and out?

With this, we come up with another aspect of the new Kobo e-reader: no carrying it around in your pocket anymore, like you could do with all the other such devices. However you need not worry about the weight as this is just 230 grams, as it is a 6.9mm device. We do see a micro-USB port here at the bottom; let’s not ask for a micro-USB C because we all know that not even every mobile phone maker has yet adopted that.


The Kobo eReader comes with the distinguishing feature of being waterproof, even though the micro-USB port is on the outer bottom side. The IPX8 rating suggests that you could submerge it into 2 meters for water and be gone for 2 hours. Well for readers, this would not be something eye-catching, other than the fact that you could take your new reader in a shower, or take a risk of having it when going to a swimming pool, just sitting on the edge and reading your favorite novel or newspaper.

The Aura One Kobo eReader gives you a feeling of reading from a real book page by giving you the E Ink display, an 1872 × 1404 resolution, which works out to 300 ppi.

The web-browsing experience is not really good here, but you do have your phones and laptops for that, and the ultimate e-reader would definitely avoid any social media experiences (let’s call them distractions in this context) while giving time to an amazing book.

Comfort Light Pro

We also have an addition of Comfort Light Pro. The user can set the system to convert to a reddish hue or the device could handle it all by itself during the light changes from dawn to dusk.

The processor offers 1GHz Solo Lite iMx6 processor, same as the predecessor e-reader, along with 512 MB of RAM. You would feel like your go-to tablet does a better job at turning pages but let’s just try and digest the truth that e-readers have not really come up with any striking innovations in the past decade.

The storage side is well covered by Kobo by offering 8GB. We can’t find an expandable storage but that should be fine knowing that you could drag and delete files from your PC when you’re done reading them.


  • 7.8-inch 1872 x 1404 E Ink display
  • 8GB storage
  • 1Ghz processor

What to look for?

  • A bigger, better screen
  • Waterproof device
  • Night reading adjustments

Will you pay $229 for this?

This is where it all comes down to – the huge price tag. The world of e-readers certainly has some who are more devoted than others, so Kobo would benefit from them as customers. The little innovation brought by Kobo should be useful at the end of the day.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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