New and Improved

On Thursday, Apple’s official website went through a major redesign. As a result of this change, the website has been integrated with its online store. There will also be no ‘Store’ tab at the top of the website.  This applies internationally as well for Apple France, Apple Germany), Apple UK, etc.

Resultantly any products that have the ‘Buy Now’ option next to them will not redirect you to the Apple Store on being clicked. Instead, your product will be added to a ‘shopping bag’ which you can use to buy items in bulk. It will also show the past order’s information, the details of your account and your favorite items.

Admittedly this change will make shopping for your Apple products easier and less time consuming. Individual pages for different products have also been changed. On clicking the ‘Buy’ button on these pages, you will be forwarded to purchasing menus identical to the ones in the previous online store. Direct links to different Apple products like Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple Music and Apple Support are also provided.

If you are hoping to buy an accessory, however, you might have a difficult time of it because there is no longer a central store site or store sections dedicated to these items. In order to buy accessories for any particular Apple item, you will have to visit the page of the Apple item and then click on the Accessories tab on each page. (Like clicking on the Apple Watch individualized page and then clicking on ‘Accessories for Apple Watch’)

According to an Apple spokesperson the redesign was initiated because Apple is aware of the fact that their customers ‘want to explore, research and shop in one place.’

According to them the new website will combine the best of the original website and the online store so that customers have ‘one simple destination to learn and buy without navigating between two different sites.’

The new website is a welcomed change from the previous shuttling to and fro from one website to another and it sees over a billion shoppers buy through it annually. What do you think about this change? Is it a much-needed change in the shopping experience or not?

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