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New Generation Online Casinos:  How Blockchain Became a Security Guarantee

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The gambling industry has been expanding throughout the years, continuously gaining popularity worldwide. Thanks to the internet, people from across the world have the chance to join online casinos and play for real money whenever they want. They can experience the fun and exciting side of winning big money prizes while playing various exciting games. The options of games to play are limitless, including Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and so much more. So, what’s more fun than an exciting game online with the potential to win some huge and amazing prizes?

There is an indefinite number of online gambling sites that people can join. Oftentimes, people will end up opening the wrong sites and risk losing a lot of money if choosing to proceed and play. This is because of the incredibly large spectrum of online options people come across on a daily basis. So, what our website offers to people is reliability in the form of informative and useful real reviews. These reviews enlist and elaborate on the following types and features of the best online casinos in New Zealand.

  • Safe transaction methods (money withdrawal or deposit);
  • Best and fastest payouts;
  • Types of real money casinos;
  • Generous bonuses;

Generous Bonuses

Quality gambling sites provide their customers with rewarding generosity in the form of a bonus. Bonuses can often be awarded in free spins, an extra card, money, etc. Good online casinos always reward their loyal and persistent customers and offer rewards that are worth playing for. This also means that a good casino is loyal to their customers in return.

Depositing And Withdrawing Methods

Customers can be reassured that there are many different ways to deposit or withdraw their money. These ways guarantee that their money will be protected with the highest regard of security regardless of which method they ultimately choose. Such methods for depositing money are credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets. Real money options for cryptocurrency, pay-by-phone, and BitCoin are common and add up to the long list of possibilities. This is where Blockchain technology comes in.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Central authorities (state offices, banks, etc.) help determine the veracity of a certain document or dollar bill by keeping a record of it. For example, each dollar bill has its serial number recorded by the bank. This process is called centralization. Unfortunately, central authorities have such power that sometimes can be misused and corrupted.


Blockchain technology is a system designed to solve the problem of centralization. This system consists of chains (blocks) linked to a database, solely formed to keep records for everybody and anybody, without any need of a central authority. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of corruption, fraud, and manipulation. As an innovative way to implement decentralization, it helps maintain an unchangeable and permanent ledger of transactions. Public observance of the transactions helps monitor anyone who breaks or tries to break the rules. Blockchain is very secure by not having any weaknesses or vulnerable central points for hackers to target. This is the sole reason why BitCoin was created in the first place.

What is BitCoin?

BitCoin is a decentralized digital currency that allows peer-to-peer electronic payment between people, where they are able to anonymously transfer bitcoins without the need for central authorities. Essentially BitCoin is powered by Blockchain technology, which underpins BitCoin and many other cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain technology makes BitCoin what it is today, and this technology goes so much further than just BitCoin.

How Is It All Connected Together?

Online casinos require online transactions and unprotected transactions are risky if one or both of the parties are not reliable sources. With the Blockchain technology, the transactions can only be valid or invalid, offering little room for error and misuse within security realms.

By offering valid transactions with the user’s consensus, Blockchain technology is an advanced and modern type of security. Blockchain technology provides safety and reassurance to online customers from all around the globe.

Thanks to our website, players will be given various thoroughly tested online top casino websites with valid gambling licenses. These websites provide trustworthy payment, personal data (ex. a telephone number, email address), and virus protection. The payouts that customers can expect are fast online payouts from the best and top casinos.

Is Blockchain Technology An Answer?

Blockchain technology is definitely the answer for each customer who is seeking safety and decentralization. It also applies to those looking for safe and accurate transactions in the online gambling world. Many people can benefit from using Blockchain since its records are immutable and censorship-resistant.

This allows customers to experience the utmost amount of safety, while freely enjoying the fun of online casino games. There is no single point of failure and in turn, this results in Blockchain offering enormous benefits among the many other advantages. Blockchain’s reliability will satisfy all the security needs of online players.

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