New Galaxy Note7 Available October 21st

New Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has been under hot water the past few weeks. This is due to several reports of the new Galaxy Note7 exploding. Ths was due to a malfunction and production error with the lithium-ion battery that the phablet holds. There have been several reports of lawsuits from customers over second and third-degree burns as well. Samsung announced an official recall for the Galaxy Note7 and will not accept any returned phones after September 21, which has come and gone.


Apple is also under scrutiny due to Hissgate. Several reports of hissing sounds coming from some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones have surfaced. Here’s an article that explains the issue in more detail. It is not related to overheating or presents any danger.  Apple will exchange any iPhone that produces the hiss. 

New Galaxy Note7 October 21

Samsung announced that the new Galaxy Note7 will not begin selling again until October 21st while they fix this issue. In the meantime, Note 7 customers will be given a replacement phone while they wait for their new Note 7 phone. Most likely the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, which have also gotten a few reports of battery explosions but not as many as the Note 7. A SurveyMonkey survey reveals that a third of Note 7 customers would rather get an iPhone and about 29% would rather get a refund than a replacement Note 7. 26% would rather get a different Samsung phone.

Note 7 users who turned in their phone to their carrier or to Samsung directly will be getting their replacement Note 7 sooner than October 21. The Note 7 will resume sales the same day that LG is expected to reveal their new smartphone, the V20. The Note 7 is also expected to go on sale in Samsung’s home country of South Korea later this month. Of course, the battery issue will be fixed before this happens but, as stated before, US customers will have to wait a little bit longer.

Turns out both rival smartphone companies are having a rough start to their phone launches. Both expect to fix these problems soon. Remember that, like humans, no phone is perfect. Just be understanding and patient. 

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