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New feature for the iOS 9: Paste and Go in Safari

Paste and Go

Paste and Go in Safari

For all the Safari users out there, Apple has a treat for you all as the iOS 9 has a nifty new feature; Paste and Go to expeditiously copy and paste an item from your pasteboard, and submit a search via Safari. Additionally, you can also paste and/or submit a URL much quicker than was originally possible.

As the name, Paste and Go suggests the feature promises time-saving.  Efficiency is always quite appealing, therefore, even though this feature may not seem like the most impressive and groundbreaking characteristic, but surely it will satisfy a great number of Safari users. With this time and energy is saved, even by the smallest of margins.

To utilize both features with ‘Paste and Go’ the user must have a text copied to the pasteboard, may it be an actual URL, or a general text for performing a search. Once the user has the aforementioned text and/or URL copied to the pasteboard, a simple tap and hold on the search bar (or address bar) will turn the search bar into a darker shade of gray at which point the iOS copy and paste menu will pop up.

The contents of the pasteboard will determine which option will pop up on the copy and paste menu: the ‘Paste and Go’ option or the ‘Paste and Search’ option. If the URL is saved then the user will be presented with the Paste and Go option; whereas if the user has a general text saved then a Paste and Search option will pop up.

To reiterate, the search bar must be tapped and held, only then copy and paste menu to pop up. A simple tap will end up in editing mode– where the user can edit the text or URL in the address bar – but the copy and paste option will not show up.

As stated before, this new feature which goes by the name ‘Paste and Go’ may not be the most dazzling update but it helps us in saving time, and time is a valuable resource – even if the time we saved were just a few seconds. Sometimes even the most menial of tasks can be annoyingly tedious, so when we’re provided with a way to avoid such cumbersome tasks, then it is best not to question or criticize it.


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