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New Feature For Safari Privacy

Safari Privacy

Many users wondered and even questioned why private browsing isn’t dealt with care on Safari as previously in the iOS 8, Safari would show the preview card on clicking the application icon, regardless of whether or not a private browsing session was last engaged. But with the new iOS 9, Safari privacy will automatically blank out the preview page if the user was browsing in private mode. The page shown on clicking the icon will be a blank, nothing but white and will ensure that no one will be able to make out what the user was browsing. This little feature would come handier if you were to leave your device and not close the tabs.

People might question, “Why is this necessary?” when there already exists an API (for third-party developers) that can be used to blur out all App Switcher previews. What is so special about this feature? What does this new feature do that the previous one doesn’t/cannot? Well, the difference is minor but noticeable. Apples’ latest feature in Safari doesn’t blur out the preview like its counterpart did, instead it simply blanks out everything when the App Switcher is opened.

This new feature will make certain that nosy people who pry into your device won’t see what you have been up to, or what you have been browsing through on Safari. However, it must be made clear that this feature will only work if you are currently switched to another app and you have also opened App Switcher.

If the user opens App Switcher while viewing a private window in Safari, the former will operate as it always does and the contents of the page will still be visible. It only works when you are using another application or are at the Home Screen, that Safari’s private session content will be obscured from all prying eyes.

Privacy is an important thing for many people and thoughtful people at Apple have created this new feature to appease concerns of these individuals from all unwelcomed lurkers, something I’m sure the user base will greatly appreciate. Private is private for a reason and it’s nice to see that Apple respects the privacy of its users and has provided them with a way to keep their personal browsing personal.

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