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New Apple Watch Camera and Buttons?

Apple Watch Camera

Apple Watch Camera

New Apple Watch edition talk has been at its peak for quite some time with rumors of an Apple Watch camera.  The gadget has not encountered a hardware variation of any sort since its release. The rumors have inspired full confidence in its audience that the upcoming editions will consist of a built-in camera and some new buttons. These rumors are based on two patents that reveal new powerful features in the design.


With the publishing of the patents by the US patent and Trademark Office, the design illustrations include indications confirming that an Apple Watch camera may be added to the smartwatch along with some new buttons for extra functions.

New Apple Watch

Image: Apple/United States Patent and trademark office

The documents include figures that give a clear cut indication of expected features of the future Apple Watch. If observed closely, the design includes a whole box with ‘Camera’ text within the user interface. In addition to making this illustration the base of this expectation, the text also mentions “a digital camera, compact in its form, that shall consist of an image sensor as well as optical components arranged such that any image can be focused. It will also be equipped with imaging components to capture and save images and videos.” The document further says that it will be “control logic operable”.

The document does not speak to the hope that this inbuilt camera is supposed to be included in the next design. It does say that the location of the camera on the watch will be outwards to a side. It will be able to take in QR codes and similar scan-able inputs. This proposed position of the camera will also allow the wearer to take his own pictures using the camera.  Given it works as predicted, it will be really interesting for picture-crazy people out there to have their images taken by the swish of their hand.

No Confirmation

It cannot be said for sure whether the next Apple Watch will be given these features or if the wait will be even longer. What we do know is that the inclusion of features in the patent documents shows that Apple is working hard to make these features possible in their smartwatch.

Release Date

The next generation Apple Watch release date remains a mystery. The wait seems to be unbearably long given this vague prospect. The built-in camera though will be among some of the catchiest features Apple has developed once it gets out.

Mysterious Buttons

In addition to the Apple Watch camera, some mysterious buttons have also appeared in the illustrations. These are for a patent giving additional functions to the watch. Currently, the Apple smartwatch includes two buttons. However, we see the number grow to four according to these illustrations.

The design of the Apple Watch in today’s market only consists of the crown button and the side button on the right side of the gadget. However, the said patent has shown two additional new buttons on the left side.

The documents have not explicitly mentioned the purpose and function of these buttons. The rumors have predicted that they can be physical buttons that function through touch sensitivity.

Again, these buttons might or might not appear in the upcoming Apple Watch. But these two patents have created serious excitement to welcome the built-in camera to the new Apple Watch. Who knows, one of these buttons may be for the camera.  We will just have to wait to find out for sure.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
Featured Image: Apple/United States Patent and trademark office
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