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New Apple TV Ad

Apple TV Ad

Apple shared a new Apple TV ad for its set-top box on Friday. The ad highlights the tvOS Application Store which can be accessed via the device and it continues in the same trend that was set by the previous advertisements of the Apple TV set-top box.

A number of the most popular of the applications on the Apple TV tvOS Store are also showcased along with the title  “Apple TV – The Future of TV is Apps,”. This slogan has been used by the company from the launch of the Apple TV in October 2015.

In the advertisement, Apple shows a number of different applications on the tvOS. More specifically applications such as Netflix, ESPN, Asphalt 8, Disney Infinity, GrubHub, Showtime, Crossy Road, HBO Now, and Fox Now are showcased. These applications are all concerned with different categories and they include applications dealing with food and games as well as entertainment.  The ad shows The Simpsons on Fox as well as Game of Thrones on HBO as shows that you can watch with the new set-top box. Additionally, you can also race your friends in the Asphalt 8 as well.

At the very end of the ad, several multicolored bars are shown. These bars have been used by Apple in its latest Apple TV ads. The slogan “The future of television” appears above this image. The advertisement is done in an experimental style and this style is completely different to the other styles in which other Apple product lines are advertised. It seems that Apple is trying to appeal to a different demographic for the set-top box. The product seems to be specifically aimed at the family oriented individual.

The App support angle is now a tentpole feature for the fourth-generation Apple TV which has a brand new tvOS operating system as well as Siri integration and a touchpad remote, to name a few.

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