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New Apple iPad -Things To Know

New Apple iPad

New Apple iPad

The new Apple iPad has recently been released to consumers yet it is not expected to sell in great quantities like previous generations even though the price of the new iPad is now cheaper than any other iPad generation introduced before. The new $329 iPad replaced both the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2, killing both models completely from the Apple Store. It came out last Friday alongside a couple of new Apple Watch band colors, some new iPhone cases, and the new Product RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It comes with an A9 processor and comes in either Gold, Silver, or Space Gray, Apple’s iconic trio of colors.

You Get What You Pay For

Although the new iPad does come at a cheaper price, not everything about it is better than the previous generation. Here are some of the most important things to know about the 2017 iPad before you go out and buy it:

Perhaps the most noticeable of the differences between the new iPad and the iPad Air 2 is that the new iPad actually doesn’t have the same design as its predecessor. It actually carries the design of the original Air, which is heavier and thicker than the Air 2. The Ipad also does not have a laminated display meaning that content may seem a little dull. Laminated displays, which now come with all other Apple devices, gives the screen a more vibrant color spectrum and makes the user feel like he or she is actually touching the content. The bezels are quite larger than the Air 2, a design feature that may bother some potential customers. While this may not be as significant as other features, it is important to remember that many customers prefer their tablet to be light and thin so that it becomes easier to carry around.

It is also important to remember that this is not an iPad Pro which means that the iPad does not have a smart connector. Unfortunately, this means that the smart keyboard that is used with the iPad Pro cannot be used with the new 2017 iPad. Also, the iPad doesn’t support the Apple Pencil, a feature that may upset many iPad Pro users or those who were seeking to find a “cheaper version” of the iPad Pro. 

A9 Processor

Since the new iPad comes with the Apple A9 processor, its CPU is only 1.6x faster and its graphics is 1.8x faster than the A8 chip used in the iPad Mini 4, even though the Mini 4 is actually more expensive. The A9 processor is also the same processor used in the predecessor to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S. It is important to notice that even though both come with the same processor, the iPad has a higher resolution display to run meaning that it will be much slower and may consume more battery power than the iPhone 6S.


The iPad comes with the same camera as that in the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 5S. It has an 8MP rear shooter with an f2.4 aperture. There is no Live Photos, no flash, no Slo-Mo video recording, and no 4K video recording. The front-facing camera has a very low resolution of 1.2MP. It also has no front-facing flash nor does it have a True-Tone Display like the 9.7” iPad Pro.


In conclusion, the new Apple iPad is for those who really want an iPad at a cheaper price and don’t really care about small yet significant high-end features. White $329 is very cheap, it is worth noticing that this amount is for a 9.7” iPad with 32GB of storage while the iPad Mini 4, although smaller, is a bit more expensive, it is only available in a 128GB configuration. 

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