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New And Exciting iPhone Apps

New iPhone Apps

New iPhone Apps

The Appstore is always flooded with tonnes of new up and coming apps for us to choose from and download and use at our disposal. The advances that we have seen in technology in recent years have really benefitted us, consumers, as we now have a host of quality apps to help us through our everyday lives, and today, we look at some of the new and exciting iPhone apps to join the market.


One of the main selling points over the past couple of years for the iPhone has been that of the camera but there are thousands of apps on the market that can help enhance the camera experience but none of them come close to Spectre Camera. Spectre is an app that is crafted solely for taking awesome long exposure shots and using artificial intelligence to enhances your photos and make them look incredibly sharp. If you are looking for a camera app, please look no further.


The next one is the perfect app that will look after all your security and will be a password manager to keep all your passwords in one place. 1Password makes it very easy to organize all your passwords for different apps in one place and gets you in the habit of using long and complex passwords to protect yourself from hackers. 1Password has also been able to benefit from iOS 12 as you can now use the app through Face ID or Touch ID.

Non-Gamstop Blocked

As said above, app developers have been able to benefit from the rapid rise in technology shown over the past couple of years, but they aren’t the only industry that has been able to benefit as online casinos, such as these sites not blocked by Gamstop, have seen a huge surge in numbers on their sites after the quality of their casinos have been improved. One of the biggest selling points to these sites is that they are non-Gamstop so your gambling fun will never be limited.


And finally, one for the fitness fanatics amongst us is MyFitnessPal is the perfect app for anyone looking to work out just how much they are actually consuming. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get in shape or just live a healthier life, MyFitnessPal allows you to track all the calories you are consuming along the way. The best feature about this app is the barcode scanner it has which will automatically input all the nutritional values from specific products and all you have to do is input just how much you are eating – very helpful!

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