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NDS4iOS Alternative ‘Retroarch’ Emulates Nintendo DS On iOS 8 Without Jailbreak

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NDS4iOS has stopped being available for download without jailbreak, but we have found a suitable NDS4iOS alternative in RetroArch for iOS. Check it out after the title image.

retroarch ios app icon

Our article on Nintendo DS emulator NDS4iOS is one of the more popular ones here at Cupertino Times. It is popular because of the fact that NDS4iOS could – in the recent past – be downloaded on iOS 8 without jailbreak. That was before Apple patched the date-time exploit that similar apps like MovieBox and GBA4iOS used (although they later managed to loop around it, of course).

Now, NDS4iOS is yet to emerge on sites like pgyer, so what should one do if one wants to play Nintendo DS games on iPhone and iPad without getting into jailbreaking? The answer lies in the excellent multi-emulator RetroArch. Retroarch, then, is a suitable NDS4iOS alternative for our readers. RetroArch can also emulate these consoles:

  • PlayStation One
  • SuperNintendo (So it is an SNES4iOS alternative, too!)
  • GameBoy / Color
  • GameBoy Advance
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • Virtual Boy
  • Sega Genesis, Game Gear and Sega CD (that makes it a Provenence alternative as well)
  • Others: Arcade, PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16, and WondwerSwan Color / Crystal

RetroArch has existed on iOS for the longest time now. You can find it on Cydia but again, that requires jailbreaking which you obviously do not want to do. To download Retroarch / NDS4iOS / SNES4iOS / Provenence alternative for iOS 8 without jailbreak, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device
  2. Go to
  3. Tap on ‘Install App’ button under the black app icon
  4. Tap ‘Confirm’ on the pop-up button that asks you to confirm if you want to download Retroarch

That’s it! Now check your home screen. An app will start downloading. It took over 20-30 minutes for us, despite being a small 30MB download. Perhaps Pgyer’s server’s aren’t doing well. After installation, you will have to search for and download ROMs yourself, however. Sharing ROMs is illegal, after all.

download retroarch nds4ios alternative nintendo ds emulator

We tested RetroArch on an iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.2. To be perfectly honest, it did crash after installing. In our experience, apps downloaded and installed from Pyger do work unreliably. They work on certain devices, and they don’t work on others. We are publishing this post under the assumption that it hopefully will work for your iOS device!

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  1. I tried to download this on two separate devices, however, about 7/8th through the installation, I get a notification that it is unable to download.

      1. On iOS 8.1.X the certificate was revoked. But you can download it on iOS 8.0.2 and below with the date trick.

    1. no it doesn’t, it installs yeah but it wont run any roms once it’s installed, I tried reinstalling it 50 different times and changed the date , itried everything ,nothing works, im on 8.0.1 iPhone 5c, this is a scam, all it does display adverts
      used tested working roms , tried like 20 of the top most popular rims for each system tried all cores for each system with all roms all it does is says “failed to load content”

  2. Just jailbreak. You can still use itunes and app store like normal but you can do many, many more things. Like emulate games without having to mess around with the time and date to ‘try’ and installed something that doesn’t even make full use of the iphone processor.

    Yep, thats right, if you don’t have a jailbroken phone, this emulator will run like piss.

    1. it doesn’t even run at all it’s a total scam all it does is display adverts I reinstalled 50 times and did the date trick ten different ways , it never loads ANY roms, I tried them all I tried 20 roms from every system all the top ones nothing will load, all I get is failed to load content error message