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Nacho Time: Stream Movies On Safari For iPhone & iPad

Nacho Time

We have seen a ton of apps like Popcorn Time and we have been excited about all of them before they were snatched from us by the powers that be. This time around, however, it won’t be so easy for Apple to shutdown yet another service – Nacho Time. Yes, the name is very unoriginal, but their model is not and they might have just changed the game. Why Apple can’t shut them down is because they no longer are in Apple’s domain. If you don’t know what Popcorn Time is just think of it as a free version of Netflix. You can watch movies, T.V shows and anime using it; the difference being you don’t have to pay for the content.

Nacho Time

The idea behind Nacho Time is one which seems so obvious in hindsight that you can’t help wondering why no one thought of it before. Basically, instead of having an app of any kind they just shifted the same kind of service to the web. This means that there is nothing to be hosted or downloaded from the App Store, and hence the App Store has no power over your app or the content. Since it is not an app you don’t even need those certificates from Apple that allows you to host apps anywhere you like. And of course, you don’t need to get your device jailbroken just for the sake of watching a couple of movies. They took the same idea and opted for a technology that is notoriously impossible to restrict.

Seriously, this is so brilliant I am just gushing. The service is on the web so now you can just open your browser, go to and watch any movie you want. The process behind it is the same: it streams data from movies available on the internet. They have built an impressive list of titles available under movies. As Nacho Time is fresh on the scene they don’t yet have anime or music but indications are that they will eventually.

Nacho Time is probably going to be around for a long time and it is super accessible. Just use your iOS device or any other device capable of browsing the internet with to watch instant free movies. We obviously do not recommend breaking the law as using Nacho Time isn’t legal but it still is the best and most stable streaming service.

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