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With summer officially over our kids are now back in school.  Helping them succeed is a daunting task for any parent. There is an app that will help your student stay on track with their homework, assignments and more.

Used by teachers and students, myHomework Student Planner, developed by Rodrigo Neri is just the app that can prevent an assignment from falling by the wayside.  Let’s face it, paper planners or loose pages get lost, or information is omitted when writing down the assignments.  No need to concern yourself with any of that with My Homework Student Planner.  The app has its dedicated website.  The app is free as is the membership to the website.  A Premium version with no ads is available as is optional in-app purchases of additional themes.

myHomework Student Planner has been around since 2009 and each new update has added improvements.  A list of testimonials from heavyweights like; USA Today, Edudemic, HLNTV, Yahoo News, The Street, Business Insider, and more serve to underscore the usefulness of this app.  I became aware of it on ABC News.

A clean, easy to understand interface.  The Free version allows you to track your classes, homework, tests and assignments. A beautiful Calendar that supports time block and period based schedules.  Reminders to help the student stay on track with late and upcoming reminders. Swipe to cross completed items off the list (provides that great feeling of accomplishment). This is a universal app that works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Classes can be added manually, but a major bonus is If your teacher uses “”.  This gives you access to assignments, resources and announcements synced directly to myHomework.

This app is intended for middle school and up but you have the option to enter classes and assignments manually so I’m experimenting with it as a tool to organize what I feel my 5-year-old needs to know before she begins school.  Here’s a schedule I’ve set up for my daughter.  I’ve assigned age-appropriate tasks to each mock class.


At the very least this will keep me on track knowing what she has covered and what still needs work.  Adding a reward when she accomplishes an assignment should provide further motivation. I know she loves her rewards.

I am sure you will find this app to be very helpful, replacing chaos with a sense of order.  It also forces the parent of a young child to think about what specifically you want the child to focus on. In the case of a preschool child, it won’t enter lessons for you. The parent needs to be involved in the process.  Check it out in the App Store.

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