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My First Day With Apple Watch

My First Day With Apple Watch

applewatchedition_Front_ProfileMy First Day With Apple Watch in New York

I finally picked up my Apple Watch at 9:15 yesterday morning. I hurried back home and as I opened the box a beautiful, rounded square-shaped device appeared. I took it out and placed it snugly on my wrist. Oh, my! What an exquisite feeling. So smooth and intimate! What I found surprising is the fact that the watch isn’t very light as to fade on your wrist but not too heavy to become a burden; it’s just perfect. As I watched the device come to life, a single thought crossed my mind: Apple has done it again.

I quickly set it up on my way to the airport, where I was off to New York City with my fiancée for the weekend. The watch was way more useful than I thought it would be. Just using it for my boarding pass was such a thrilling new experience from the start.

Everywhere my fiancée and I went we’d simply use the maps on my watch – a very neat feature! All you need to do is say the location and the watch would guide you to your destination by tapping the directions all the way there. Now, if you happen to be walking in a city such as New York where you would normally be constantly checking your phone for directions, this experience is far superior. Just glance down and it says turn left on Madison avenue in 900ft is so much nicer than holding your phone or looking at the next direction every turn.


Visiting New York with my brand new Apple watch clearly asked for some fresh social media content. Naturally, we updated our Facebook and Instagram profiles with a photo of us standing on top of the Empire State Building. While the watch itself doesn’t have a camera, it can wirelessly connect to your iPhone and serve as its second screen. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the shutter app. It’s really cool to be able to see what the camera sees in order to perfectly frame yourself in the shot.

As soon as we posted the photo my watch buzzed with messages from our friends and family. At first I got a little nervous as the display of the watch is considerably smaller than of my iPhone’s. Still, Apple has managed to keep things perfect and, as such, for the majority of my messages I was able to use the quick responses and dictation – which is incredibly accurate.

In addition to telling time…

And showing weather updates, the watch also functions as a stopwatch and fitness guide. Thanks to Passbook integration you can pull up plane tickets, boarding passes and loyalty cards without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. Furthermore, you can make and receive calls, share sketches by doodling the screen and even send your loved one your heartbeat. This intimate feature replicates your pulse via vibrations on the recipient’s wrist. Also, you can share sound bites from your side of the world through the walkie-talkie app.

With all the things the Apple watch does and all the hell I’ve put it through since day one, a little talk on battery life is in order. I unplugged it on day one at 10 am and used it all day long with maps, texting, Instagram, photo app, checking activity, paying for Starbucks and watching the jellyfish swim across my wrist. We got back to the hotel at half past midnight with an astounding 20% battery left.

All things considered

Being away with my fiancée and visiting the Big Apple – pardon the pun – I didn’t have a lot of time to check out and test all of its features. However, I did manage to get my hands on most of them, and I can say with certainty that with the launch of Apple watch, technology did not only move closer to our skin, but also to our hearts.

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