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Muse Meditation Assistant


Ariel Garten, Neuroscientist and the founder of Muse, a meditation assistant was a guest speaker at The Future Of Wearables morning presentation.  This was an interesting talk that covered how the Internet of things transformation is happening now.  With more and more people using wearables, this raised an interesting question. Will future tech take us away from what we like to do or will it serve us?

Wearable tech is actually making us healthier rather than the turning us into couch potatoes you think of when you visualize interaction with technology from the perspective of a game controller or streaming TV. This is smart tech that allows us to improve our selfs. 

Ariel gave us some background on this technology which is older than I thought. Steve Mann a researcher and inventor develop a Google Glass type device back in the nineties.  Mann has been referred to as the “father of wearable computing”.

Neuroscientists are interested in connecting wearable tech with the brain, where the brain could control things like dimming the lights when reading.  Sleep monitoring is another area of interest since many of us suffer from sleep disorders and anxiety. Not long ago this needed to be done in a clinical environment.

“Your mind is like the wind” is a phrase coined by Muse that describes the non-meditative state the mind is in most of the time. There is constant chatter in our brains, making it difficult to meditate.  Muse is a brain sensing headband that serves as your personal meditation assistant. It provides you with real-time feedback during guided training sessions. While you meditate, the headband uses brain sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active and translates those signals into guiding sounds. After your session, you can review your data, set goals and build a rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time.

Meditation provides benefits like improved focus, reaction time, increase brain mass and more. 120 research institutions use Muse for 10 minutes per day in studies like using brain sensing information to keep you safe in your car as well as improve lives affected by ADHD.

Muse data is accessible to iPhone via an app that was developed for the device, but Apple’s HeathKit framework was not used. I was surprised to find out that Apple’s HealthKit doesn’t currently support meditation or the data points that would pertain to what Muse does, like how long did you meditate for example.  I thought that to be ironic in light of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs being an avid mediator.

Unlike some of the products at the Wearable Technology Show, Muse is a shipping product available at Best Buy. 

Learn more about Muse.

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