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Moving to a New State in 2022? Myth Bust These 8 Misconceptions About Moving First

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There are thousands of cities and towns in the United States for residents to consider for their next move. The excitement of hitting the open road and new opportunities in a different place can quickly fall prey to frightening thoughts about the moving process and its expenses. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities (both good and bad), here are eight misconceptions about moving to clear your head.

Moving has to be stressful

Moving certainly can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If you enlist the help of professionals, you can lean on their experience to support you through a complicated relocation. For example, using a professional auto shipping service for state-to-state car transport can reduce stress by allowing you to relax knowing that your property is in good hands. If you need professional move-out cleaning, you can ask for the help of these cleaning guys.

It’s essential to accept that some stress is inevitable during the moving process, but staying organized and asking for help can provide a smoother experience. Give yourself some peace of mind by trusting professionals to move you into your new home.

It’s better to move during the weekend

Many people think that they will have enough time to drive to the new location and unpack without missing any work by moving during the weekend. Doing some research and requesting time off work promptly makes you more likely to find better deals from professional services for relocating during weekdays.

Moving companies know that people prefer to move during the weekend, so it is common to offer discounts and promotions to attract customers between workdays. You will also have less trouble finding available movers and better time slots to book them during weekdays.

Any moving company will do the job

You will not be making the best financial decision by hiring the cheapest services available unless you confirm that they are reliable first. If you’re moving to a different state, make sure to avoid companies that specialize in local moves.

To find a reputable moving company on the internet, you should read reviews about them, check for their licenses, and ensure that they have the experience for your type of move.

Hiring professional movers is too expensive

Understandably, people believe that hiring professional movers can be costly, but that is not always the case. Moving companies can be pricey, including a moving truck, equipment, and more assistance options.

Moving on your own can mean that you will spend extra money on gas, lodging, road tolls, parking permits, and more. Considering those expenses, hiring professional movers could cost about the same while saving you a lot of trouble and stress.

If you’re worried about regaining your security deposit or leaving your home in tip-top shape for the new residents, affordable cleaning services are also available.

Moving companies tend to overcharge

Unfortunately, some people have complained about moving companies that refuse to unpack their belongings until they pay a new inflated price. Every industry has rotten apples, and the relocation industry is no exception. Ensure you know who you are hiring by researching companies with the Better Business Bureau and reading reviews on Google and Yelp.

All boxes are safe for your belongings

This dangerous misconception can cause some irreparable damage to your valuable property in a matter of seconds. You should only use sturdy boxes that can bear some weight to ensure the best protection for your belongings.

Some moving companies sell new, sturdy boxes, but you can easily find decent ones from local supermarkets and bookstores for free.

Movers will unpack and relocate everything

Professional movers move most of your stuff, but there are some items that they will not move for legal or safety reasons. The movers’ tools and experience can ease the process, but don’t expect them to carry guns, explosives, pets, frozen food, or anything you can’t take on a plane.

Speaking of pets, moving can be stressful for dogs. Hiring professional movers can free you to keep Fido’s feeding schedule and daily walks consistently.

Movers are notorious for breaking items

Accidents are impossible to control, but you can reduce any risk by hiring only reputable and experienced movers. Avoid accidents by pointing out fragile items to movers and letting them know which boxes you would like to move on your own.

Wrap up

Everyone has an opinion about moving and how complicated it can be, but you don’t have to settle for misinformation. Hopefully, you’re ready to start packing after busting these moving misconceptions.

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